Ozark trail tent Reviews of 2018 & Buying Guide

On different shopping sites, Ozark Trail tents are the most popular and unique tents. It is popular it gives the campers the entire feature needed in a tent.

Besides, available at a low price, it is very durable in adverse weather conditions. Moreover, people usually love it for its spacious feature and easy setup procedure.

The mesh screens attached with these tents also perform a great job to keep all the insects and bugs away from your tent. Ozark Trail tent never compromises on the quality.

Get ready this summer for an exciting adventure with Ozark Trail Tents. Here are some detailed features and Ozark Trail tent reviews that would make your purchasing decision easy.

Buying Guide

Is ventilation essential for a ten?

Yes, sometimes ventilation is essential for a tent. It acts as a shield which is used to protect the tent and eliminate all the dry moisture away from the tent. Furthermore, the ventilation also sometimes helps in creating an extra vestibule for keeping different gear items.

What is the capacity of the tent?

Before purchasing a tent, you must consider the capacity of the tent as well.

The capacity should not be only about the number of campers, but other factors must also be considered. 

Always try to size up your new tent by one or two people and make sure that every individual has enough places to rest peacefully in the tent.

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

What should be the ideal weight of the tent?

Ozark Trail Instant Outdoor

Ozark Trail Instant Outdoor

While purchasing a tent, the weight is not a big matter.

But you must also keep in mind that usually heavier tents are not always sturdier.

So if you are willing to carry portable tents, then the lighter weight is the best choice you have.

What factors are included in Ozark Trail tent Livability?

Livability is basically the interior design of any tent. The tents of the same capacity and weight also have different livability. Following are some factors that must be considered.

  • The volume of the tent: Consider the inside space of your tent. Make sure everyone is in the comfort zone.
  • The height of the tent: Make sure that the height of the tent is enough for the tallest headroom.
Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent

What must other factors be considered while purchasing a tent?

Some more factors also must be taken into consideration while purchasing an Ozark Trail tent:

  • The shape of the ten:  Ozark Trail tents are available in two different shapes. One is the cabin, and the other is the dome.  The dome shape is designed to accommodate large family campers.
  • The material of the tent: Never skimp on the material of the tent. Always look for tent those later proofs to be durable and weather proof.
Ozark Trail Base Camp Tent

Ozark Trail Base Camp Tent

What are the additional tent accessories available?

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent

You must go through the Ozark Trail tent reviews before taking the final buying decision.

There are some additional tent accessories which you can include on your list. Here are they:

  • Floor Mat: It is also recommended t use inside your tent to make you feel comfortable and protect from insects on the ground.
  • Seam sealer: investing in a seam sealer means giving extra protection to your tent from water.

Ozark trail tent reviews

1.Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent Review 

This tent comes in dome style and is available at a very affordable price. It comes in a unique design making the setting up and packing up very simple. Furthermore, the best feature that supports this tent is that it has two extra doors on its side for privacy.

It offers the campers a comfort zone, enough space and good ventilation. Even in the worst weather, the structure of the tent remains stable and protected. The tent has up to 3 windows which give amazing views of outdoor.

It also has a room divider for large families. This tent can easily accommodate 10 people at a time. You can also easily adjust two to three queen size mattresses in the tent. Room’s dividers are removable for privacy purpose. The height of the tent is about 76-inch. This tent can easily be setup in 2 minutes.


  • check
    Removable rooms dividers.
  • check
    The tent comes with a front canopy.
  • check
    Easily accommodate ten people at a time.


  • There is no power port attached to the tent.

The entrance of the Ozark Trail Tent is protected with front awnings. The poles of this tent are pre-attached which makes the assembly easy. In addition, you can easily enjoy its portable weight while camping. An extra door in the camp makes it easy for the campers to hop in the tent.

2.Ozark Trail Instant Outdoor Review 

The tent lets you enjoy outdoor camping with your family and friends. It gives the camper some practical comfort of enjoying camping. Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower assembles quickly because of the pre-attached poles.

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Moreover, this tent comes with almost 5 gallons of the solar shower which further using the natural light and heats up the water temperature according to your desire. This tent also has a changing room that lets your cloth dry in minutes.

Moreover, the structure of the tent remains stable in all weather conditions. A rain fly is also included in the tent which is removable. The shower tent is made up of durable and reliable aluminum walls to ensure the privacy of the campers.

For excellent ventilation, mesh rooms are included which allows fresh air to come in. It also has some interior pockets and loops for the storage of gears.


  • check
    The room shower tent differentiate it from other tents
  • check
    It can be assembled in few minutes.
  • check
    Changes utility room for the comfort of campers.


  • Pre-attached poles can wear out;
  • The tent doesn’t zip up.

This dome style tent supports different unique features which have made it popular among the customers. Furthermore, it comes with a removable rainfly and good ventilation. The reviews of customers from different countries state that it is an excellent product.

3.Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent Review 

Ozark Trail cabin is the best camp for campers who wish for some extra privacy during different camping trips. Like the name, itself says that you can divide the tent into three different rooms with a queen size bed.

Each separated room cab also be zipped up which can be used as a private bedroom or changing room. It is an excellent point about the tent which campers can enjoy.

These separate rooms can be used to take a nap when there are lots of kids roaming around. The space of the tent is about 16 feet x 16 feet with the maximum height.Most people can set up the tent in about few minutes.

This tent has mesh rooms and all zippered windows which play an important role in ventilation. Moreover, the tent is usually recommended for people who wish for extra privacy during camping and outdoor trips. The excellent features of this tent make it the best choice for campers.


  • check
    Can accommodate up to 12 people.
  • check
    It can easily fit 3 queen size beds.
  • check
    Durable structure.


  • The poles may wear out quickly.

The walls of this tent make it more spacious for the campers. The campers can enjoy outdoor trips without disturbing their privacy. Furthermore, the tent utilizes pre-attached poles which help the structure to withstand in adverse weather. The material of the tent structure is very thick, and it comes full taped properly. This tent doesn’t need rain fly, but many customers recommend rain fly for protection issue.

4. Ozark Trail Cabin Tent Review 

Ozark Trail instant is the oldest and most wanted tent. It is trendy and demanding you can easily find this tent anywhere in the nearby store. The reason why people love this tent is that it provides the basic features that campers wish for.

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Moreover, the assembling of this tent doesn’t take longer than 60 seconds, and it is available at an affordable price. This tent gives you enough of space relaxing and gear storing. Its two doors at either side and multiple windows allow fresh air to get in the tent and maintain a clean environment.

Furthermore, the windows are also used to provide a clean view of outdoor. In addition, the mesh screens of the tent are responsible for keeping the insects out of the tent.The rain fly is best to keep the moisture and dampness away from the tent.

Furthermore, the different door in eh tent makes it easy for the campers to get n and out of the tent any time. Adjustable ground vents make the camper relax peacefully without worrying about the insects around. The screened ceiling of the tent provides with the beautiful view of the night when it is left uncovered.


  • check
    The tent has an attached rain fly and a carrier bag.
  • check
    8 people can easily be accommodated.
  • check
    It has electric cord entrance.


  • It does not stand still in wind or heavy rainfall.
  • Ventilation can be improved

The Ozark Trail, 8 person tent, has large windows for excellent ventilation. It also has access to an electric cord. The gear organizers help to keep the gears organized. Despite offering the amazing and unique feature, the tent is availed able in the market at a competitive price.

5. Ozark Trail Base Camp Tent Review 

Every camper wishes to have the best camping experience. This also depends on the choice of tent you make for your camping trip. Moreover, this Ozark Trail base tent comes with a unique shape size and design.

The material of the tent is water resistant, and it also has some built-in shelves. Of course like another tent mentioned above, this tent is also very simple to setup. You don’t need to waste time and energy on assembling the tent.

Furthermore, the tent comes with a carrying bag which makes it easy for the camper to carry it along with you easily. Rather than carrying in the packing bad the tent can be folded very easily and the carried.

If someone is looking forward to a camping trip or outdoor adventure, then this instant is the right choice with all the best features combined.


  • check
    The floor of the tent is welded.
  • check
    The walls of the tent are thick.
  • check
    Gear storage space is available.


  • The fabric of the tent can wear out.
  • Pre-Attached poles may be damages.

This tent is portable and can be carried along with you. Despite having some problems in the tent, its awesome features make it worth buying.

Wrap up:

For sure you must have got the product you are looking for. Before purchasing a tent, some factors must be considered to get the right product. Once you get along with Ozark Instant tents, we bet you will go through a better experience. Reading Ozark Trail tent reviews guides you better and tell about all the features you need.