Eureka Solitaire Tent Review of 2018 & Buying Guide

Rising trend of working in a closed environment has made it a popular choice to spend the vacations in an outdoor place. Therefore camping has become popular as well. The foremost thing comes to mind when we think of camping is a tent.Furthermore, you need to look for in the tent is the fabric.

Furthermore, it is the fabric of tent works as a protective shield in the different season.In addition, the fabric of rain fly and canopy should be detailed in specs tab.

The companies made the canopy with nylon or polyester. Canopy with Mesh fabric is also very famous because of the quality it provides. Moreover, Nylon and polyester are used for making the floor of the tent and rain fly for the best performance. Moreover, we have produced eureka solitaire tent review for your convenience. The top picks are as follows:

Buying Guide

Why is It Important to Know about Floor Dimensions?

  • Floor Area and Dimensions

The interior of the tent is called floor area where the dimensions of the tent floor are measured in inches. Length, width are the two dimension. A good tent would have more floor dimensions.

  • Number of Poles     

Poles provide stability to the tent, and it is important the buyer would see whether the poles are made of the strong material. Furthermore, many of tent work in a stable way with two poles but more poles are also used in tents used in four-season tents. In addition, these poles keep the tent on its position even in extreme weather.

  • Packed Size

The size of the tent after folding and rolling it is the packed size. 10×25 packed size means that the tent diameter is 10 and its length is 24.

What Are The Other Main Important Features of a Good Tent?

  • Tent Weight

The weight of all the materials including in setting the tent is called tent weight. The tent used for individuals or small groups have less weight than the tent for larger groups. Less weight indicates the durability of the tent. However, the tent is also durable when it is designed for 9-10 people.

Eureka Solitaire-Tent

Eureka Solitaire-Tent

  • Peak Height

The central rooms’ number is the peak height of the tent. Moreover, the tent with good peak height is designed for more than two people. Furthermore, it is important for a camper to buy a tent with good height for entering in the tent comfortably. The perfect peak height comes in family tents that are designed with large size area.

  • Tent Capacity
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The capacity refers to the number of people who can accommodate on the camp comfortably. In addition, the extra space of gear should be seen as a tent designed for three people can accommodate two campers with some extra space.

  • Vestibule

The outside area of the tent that is used for storage is called vestibule. It is the section of the rain fly in the tent with double-wall which means that there is no floor in the tent. Furthermore, there would be no room but sill it would be convenient to keep backpacks and other necessary things in the tent. The vestibule is measured in square feet are better for a tent when they are 2 in quantity.

Why is it Important to Know the Time of the Year for Purchasing a Tent?

Eureka Apex Solo Tent

Eureka Apex Solo Tent

Time of the year means that you are looking for the tent with special features designed for a specific season or all season. 

Moreover, the four-season tent is suitable for all seasons, and its springs are more strong and stable. A three-seasoned tent is a good option for fall.

What role Number of Occupants Olay for a Tent?

If you camp with a partner or a friend, then the two-person tent is for you. There are not many rooms in the tent, but it perfectly accommodates a couple.

A solo should select one-person tent, but two-person would be best of you want to store gear inside the tent. Moreover, a waterproof backcountry could be best if you are planning of bare-bones backpacking.

 Eureka Midori Solo

Eureka Midori Solo

A light tent with dome tent with enough occupancy space is made for large sized groups and families. Furthermore, these tents vary in features, and one can see which size best can accommodate the whole group or family.

A high occupant capacity leads to the heavy weight of the tent. Campers can divide the canopy, rain fly, and the poles for balancing the load of the tent.

Why Destination Lead to a Better Choice?

Destination of camper could be the remote or the favorite campsite. It is important to buy a light weighted camp for a remote area which would be easy to carry in the bag with less weight.

  • Pole Clips

Clips and sleeves are used for connecting the tent with tent poles. Hooks can easily wear out so these are the sleeves that can be a suitable option for the tent. 

Eureka Spitfire Tent

Eureka Spitfire Tent

Furthermore, we cannot deny the work of clips which are easier use and set up. Moreover, these clips give a good gap between the body and rain fly of the tent for minimizing the condensation on tent canopy.

The requirement of attaching the poles with thread reduces with the pole sleeves, and they are easier to set up than segmented sleeves.

What are the other Handy Extracts?

In addition, gear loft has used for attaching the interior roof of the tent by keeping the other material out of the tent. The jingle-free zippers made of fabric come with pull tabs for preventing the zipper in different weather. Reflective points help in increasing the visibility of the tent in the forest, mountains or dense areas.

Eureka Solitaire Tent Reviews

1. Eureka Solitaire-Tent (Sleep1) Review

As the name denotes, the tent is a 2 hoop tenet of bivy style that is designed for occupying one person at a time.

Furthermore, it has a tunnel design and an area of 21.33 square foot where the camper can easily accommodate oneself. In addition, a fast set up is maintained through the double 6.3 mm fiberglass frame.


  • check
    It has beautiful pole pockets on the one side end and a ring and pin on the other side end.
  • check
    It has nylon pole sleeves that ensure the stability and setting of the tent.
  • check
    A large mesh roof effectively ventilates the tent.


  • Sitting up in the tent is not possible.
  • The poles can break easily with pressure.
  • The colors of the tent are not very appealing in different seasons.

The tent has a very light weight and compact fold size that makes it easier for the camper to carry it. Furthermore, the black colored tent includes poles made of fiberglass. 70D nylon taffeta is used for floor and fly fabric. Moreover, the cost of the tent is not very high.

2. Eureka Apex Solo Tent Review 

The orange colored Eureka tent is another 14.8 Sq. Ft storage vestibule product for an individual by Eureka Company.

Moreover, the entrance is made through the side door, and there are two storage pockets and carry bags.


  • check
    The fly and the floor seams are sealed.
  • check
    It has shock corded fiberglass poles and frame.
  • check
    Polyester fly is used for reducing the tendency of stretchable fabric in winters and UV resistance.


  • Condensation problems can arise at night.
  • The stakes are heavy with superfluous weight.

The weight of the product is 6.1 pounds which are very light. Excess gear is stored in vestibule and vitalization is improved through mesh door. Setting up the tent is easy because of the easy all clip set up of this tent.  Furthermore, all the bags of the tent are fire resistance. The tent is easy to adjust as well.

3. Eureka Midori Solo Review 

The Eureka Midori Solo has a great livability with the V3 system.  It has a high level of ventilation, tent volume, and size of the frame, fly, and features of guy-out designs.

In addition, it is designed for one person where the camper stays protective from the worst weather with the full coverage fly.


  • check
    It has shock corded aluminum poles and strong clips which give a good set up.
  • check
    The mesh walls of the tent give the opportunity of stargazing and ventilation.
  • check
    It comes with one storage vestibule and one door.


  • The camp is not very large, and the camper could feel uncomfortable inside.
  • It does not give enough space to stand within the camp.

4. Eureka Spitfire Tent Review 

The tent provides room for gear and extra luggage compartment space because of its nice size vestibule. The camper can easily make class through the headroom of SpitFire.

Moreover, it has the right accessibility with its closable fly vent which pokes out. Protection from weather is maintained through the main fly, and the factory taped floor seams that.


  • check
    It maintains ventilation and stargazing through mesh panels.
  • check
    The entry and exit are very comfortable with spacious vestibule.
  • check
    The All design makes it many studies for setting up.


  • There is a need for adding more stakes to the tent.
  • There is no gear loop with the tent. Verdict

The tent is very convenient to set up because of its 2 stakes and poles that are attached with the clips. Moreover, it comes with one mesh gear pocket for storing things in the internal tent. It includes stakes bags and pole that are required for setting the tent. In addition, the tent covers a number of features in #139.95 which is understandable.

5. Eureka 110284 Solitaire Review 

The golden and black colored tent has a weight of 3.6 pound which is convenient for carrying. The tent is suitable for one person, and the cost is also not high.

Moreover, the tunnel designed tent comes with shock-corded frames made of fiberglass.


  • check
    It has bivy-style 2 hoops.
  • check
    There are pole pockets and pins on the other side of the tent.
  • check
    The entry and exit are convenient because of the zipper in the center.


  • The orange color of the tent is not very appealing.
  • It is not suitable for cold nights.
  • The tent poles can spill with a little use of few months. Verdict

It comes with 6.3 mm fiberglass frame which is very durable. It has two storage pockets, and the fly has three storm guy outs. Moreover, the compatibility and comfort for a single camper are maintained a compact size and good material.

Wrap Up

The Eureka Solitaire Tent Review is about the tents for single users. The size plays a very important role in buy a good tent for an individual camper. Moreover, the above product review can show you a range of features where some of the tents hold a lot of features, and other do not have many.

The fabric, poles, and property of weather protection can help you choose the best product from the above-mentioned products. The guide is made to provide you an ease of decision making once you make an analysis of all the products. It is advised to select the one that would give you full comfort in outdoors.