Best Tents for Rain of 2018 & Buying Guide

Campers like to go for camping in forest and hilly mountains in pleasant weather where there are more chances of rainfall. They need best tents for rain tent that can protect them from the rain drops and give them comfortable shelter.

Therefore, we have prepared a guide with some product review of a different tent so you can see the feature of different tents.

Buying Guide:

What Should I know about the tent Seasonality?

Knowledge about the tent seasonality is very important. It helps you differentiate between different types of tents for seasons. Following are the different types of tents.

  • 2-Season Tent

It is designed for pleasant weather and does not have the ability to hold up even a minor flow of air.

  • 3-Season Tent

The tent has the strength of holding up in heavy rains and deadly stormy winds. The type of tents is designed for spring and summer season.

  • 3-4 Season

The tent has the rough texture, and the reason behind the material is the ability to hold in three different seasons. The campers can use the tent in cold, wet and windy seasons. You can also use it in the early spring season and late fall season.

  • 4-Season Tent

It is the only type which is designed for all types of weather conditions. Moreover, it can resist the effects of snow and storm as well, and there will be no harm to the material even in this seasons. It is often used for base camping of car-campers and family campers.

What is the importance of Tent Weight?

The weight of tent is one of the features that attract and distract the customers from one tent to the other. Furthermore, every camper wants to carry something light.

It is a true case for the single person. However, the large group of campers does not consider this point as the most important. The weight of the tent and the carrying bag should depend on the need. 

Moreover, the bigger size would carry more weight while small size would have a light weight of the tent. In addition, the carrying bag should also be larger than the tent for fitting in the tent once it is used for camping. 

Coleman 2000018295 Instant Tent

Coleman 2000018295 Instant Tent

What Features Do I Have To Look for Checking the Livability of the Tent?

Coleman Prairie Breeze Tent

Coleman Prairie Breeze Tent

The interior design of the tent refers to its livability which is different in every tent. Furthermore, every tent can have a different layout inside it even if the capacity is same.

  • Volume

Volume refers to space inside of a tent. The tent with fewer rooms would have steeply-angled walls with little weight.

  • Floor Dimension

The floor dimension can be rectangular which the best shape is for carrying the weight of the tent. Furthermore, the upper shape could vary from the floor dimension of the tent.

  • Peak Height

It is important for a camper to see whether he/she can easily stand on the wall or not. It can be determined through seeing the peak height of the tent which is the highest point in the tent. Moreover, different tents have different peak height. In addition, choosing a tent with good peak height would give you more comfort than selecting a tent with the lower height.

  • Wall Shape

The livability of the tent could be seen through its wall where the tent would be much efficient in service with vertical walls.

  • Room Layout

The room layout stands for the space in the tent with divided sections. Furthermore, there could be room dividers in the camp for indicating the privacy of a family with kids or other campers. It can be used for multi-proposes such as changing clothes and eating food. The tents with separate living areas are good for large-sized groups.

Why Doors, Windows, and Ventilation is Important for a Tent for Rainy Season?

  • Doors

Doors are the main entrance or exit of campers. Furthermore, it should be wide enough to provide space for campers to pass through easily.

More than one door is good for families or group while one door could be suitable for single individual or a couple.

Arizona GT Tent

Arizona GT Tent

  • Windows and Ventilation

The windows give a great look of the outdoor to the campers. In addition, they are a good way of ventilating the tent with fresh air. The tent you would be choosing mist has enough windows for breathing in. The tents with mesh windows and ceilings would maintain the good environment in the tent.

What are the Other Factors I should consider for Purchasing Tent?

Here is a list of factors that you need to consider while purchasing a New Tent?

  • Cabin or Dome

The two famous and common shapes of a tent are cabin and dome shape. Cabin shape is not much admired in rainy season where dome shape helps in the flow of the rain drops down without any way of storage on a single point.

NTK Laredo GT     NTK Laredo GT

The shape also helps in accommodation of more people within a tent. Vertical walls are used in cabin shape for maximizing the height and vertical living space of the tent. The dome shape is durable, but it does not offer the same vertical space as the cabin shape provides.

What is Included in Basic and Important Materials of Tent?

Waterproof Windproof Camping Tent

Waterproof Windproof Camping Tent

Materials of a tent include a wide range of things including poles and stakes. Furthermore, the buyer needs to make sure that the materials he/she is going to buy are durable and weather proof. In addition, the materials also include poles, rain fly, vestibules, and interior pockets. It is very important that the poles are strong enough to hold the tent.

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The tent could be made of quality fabric, but if the poles are not strong, the tent will not last for a longer period. Furthermore, in the same way, rain fly would keep the tent safe and dry from inside in the rainy season.

Best Tents for Rain Reviews

1.Coleman Prairie Breeze Tent Review 

The tent is made for comfortable residence as it is very spacious. In addition, nine people can easily sleep in the tent without any difficulty. In addition, the main fly seams are welded and sealed properly for maintaining protection from the weather.

Furthermore, the comfort of campers is maintained through a system of led light fan system.


  • check
    It has 84 inches height and 40-floor area for a group of campers.
  • check
    The camp has a big size, and the weight of the camp is just 37.6 pounds.
  • check
    It has the rain fly and three collapsible rods.


  • Batteries are not the included in the pack.
  • Setting up the tent takes a lot of time.
  • The shape and height of the tent make it unstable for the strong breeze.

The multi-colored tent looks very beautiful. The cost is not much as the tent is very large-sized and it can accommodate a group of 6 people. In addition, the materials for setting the tent are enough including 6 sides’ poles, rods, and rain fly. Furthermore, there are four cots about the edges of a tent, and the base is 14×10, so it has the capacity to place luggage including table and clothing bins.

2. Waterproof Windproof Camping Tent Review 

The light-green tent is designed for 3 campers. It maintains a sturdy structure through a dome tent and strong fiberglass rod with galvanized nails. Moreover, there are a door and a side wall for good protection of the people accommodating in it.


  • check
    It has large space with a reasonable layout for campers.
  • check
    The tent is waterproof with the 185T polyester fabric inside and outside.
  • check
    It maintains air circulation in the tent through 4 large mesh panels.


  • The tent gives the feeling of resting in a structure which does not move with the wind.
  • The plastic links on the tent are difficult to get in because of the small holes.

The tent can pass enough sunshine from outside. In addition, there are dual vents on the tent floor. The tent is very easy to carry, put up and fold up whenever necessary. Furthermore, the 2 hooks attached on the top side of the inner tent can be used for patrician and privacy. The windows of the tent are non-transparent and can be easily zipped up.

3.Coleman 2000018295 Instant Tent Review 

As the name denotes, the tent is made for occupying 8 persons with enough space. Furthermore, the spacious tent has 14 by 10 feet base, 6 feet 5 inch of center height.

It is easy to assemble with a little effort. Moreover, the walls are waterproof because of the Exclusive Weather Tec System, and the floor is properly welded.


  • check
    The poles can be easy as they are already attached to the tent.
  • check
    It has a good ventilation system with 2 doors, 7 windows.
  • check
    The fabric keeps the rain out of the tent.


  • The top bars of the tent does not extend because of the bent poles.
  • The tent pegs do not hold during strong wind.

4. NTK Laredo GT Review 

The tent is very spacious for 9-10 person including adults and children. There are color coded poles with the three windows that are easy to assemble.

Moreover, the comfort of campers is maintained as it has Super 6.2 FT height.  It has Nano-Flex shock corded rods made of fiberglass with a feature of improved diameters.


  • check
    It has full coverage rain fly made of polyester and aluminum.
  • check
    There are utility pouches and gear loft for gear storage.
  • check
    The seamless polyethylene of heavy duty anti fungus keep the campers dry.


  • It cannot accommodate three matters.
  • Tent needed to stake in the ground for strong winds.
  • There are no zip covers of windows for maintaining privacy.

It comes with a gift if Led Storm Stretch Light with Battery. In addition, the tent provides protection from UV rays with its heat-welded PU seam sealed. Ventilation is maintained through mesh vents that cover the whole tent. Moreover, the tent is easy to set up because of its Aluminum Pin-and-ring System. The campers would stay safe from mosquitoes.

5. Arizona GT Tent Review 

The tent is made as a family pack as it is spacious for 9-10 campers. It has 2 rooms, 2 doors, and 3 windows with the feature of easy assembly.

Moreover, the coverage is made up of double layer 190T polyester which is laminated with polyurethane 2500 mm water column. The D style doors make the easy entrance for campers.


  • check
    It has a pin-and-ring system for a frame that makes it easy to set up.
  • check
    In addition, there are pockets of roomy utility and gear loft for storing gear.
  • check
    It has a good carry carrier with ID tag and compression straps.


  • It is hard to open the windows.
  • The tent is narrow in shape.
  • The fabric of tent gives tough feeling which is sometimes uncomfortable.

Despite the difficulty in opening window, the tent has the feature of mosquito mesh which keeps the insect out of the tent. Moreover, the tent is heat resistant, and the system of ventilation is also good. The tent can stand in strong winds because of the Nano-flex fiberglass poles.

Wrap Up

You can get the best tents for rain with good analytical skills by comparing the features of all the tents mentioned in the product reviews section. Moreover, all the products are unique in some way, but you have to choose the one that has the most properties of protecting you from the rain. We hope, now after a lot of information, you would be able to choose the right match of your need in a rainy season.