Best Tent Brands of 2018 & Buying Guide

Going out on a camping trip with a family or friends is something everybody wants to enjoy. Therefore, everybody needs to prepare for this trip accordingly.​

Choosing clothes, shoes, other accessories, making trip schedules, and many other such preparations are performed enthusiastically. However, the thing that gets the highest importance of campers is their camp or a tent that is going to provide them shelter and comfort during the whole trip.

It is also a fact that the number of brands and models of tents has increased rapidly over the years. Now, it is difficult to choose a perfect tent. It takes plenty of research to choose best among all. However, choice of model depends on your requirements.

Therefore, we will help you in choosing reputable brand through providing brief guideline and list of best tent brands. The list of best tent brands includes:

Buying Guide

Before going to buy a tent from any brand, few confusions or queries might arise in the mind of a person. Therefore, answers to few questions have been given to make things clear and provide a guideline while purchasing a tent.

Why should I search a lot for buying a tent?

The tent is the most important thing for a camping trip or other outings. Because this is the place where you reside during your trip, and its comfort level will decide your level of enjoyment.

It is a kind of temporary home; you are going to stay inside for your trip days. If you are not comfortable inside your tent, you will not get proper rest, and it would result in you staying tired and exhausted all the time. 

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Additionally, having a tent with all basic features and attributes can increase the fun and worth of your trip. Therefore, before buying a tent from any brand or of any model, it is very important to spend significant time while searching for the best tent option for you.

Why is it better to buy a tent from best tent brands?

Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screenhouse

Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screenhouse

However, this thing can end up in a big loss. The tent is a thing that is bought while keeping its long-term use in mind. Additionally, it is a kind of shelter in outside places.

That is why one should only consider renowned and trustworthy brands while purchasing their tents. Fake or unpopular brands make things with low quality and appealing appearances that might deceive customer at first glance.

Later on, during a trip, it might end up into tearing or leaking or even fail in providing complete sun protection. Tent from famous brands might give all features in a big amount, but later it will give you an immense happiness and relaxation regarding its quality and durability.

How to find suitable tent brand?

It is recommended to search extensively about different brands and their specific qualities to choose a brand for your tent. Online reviews and reviews from other customers can assist a lot in this regard.

Another important thing before selecting a brand is to identify which features or attributes your want the most in your tent or what are the things you cannot compromise on? After, getting answers, you would be able to finalize the brand.

This is because; few brands are famous for their particular attribute. There are very few brands which can provide all benefits in one.

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

What qualities should a tent have to be the best tent option?

The attributes of the tent that can make it the best option for you varies from person to person, as choices and purpose vary from one customer to another. However, there are few qualities that all tents must have to make it a good option to buy. These qualities include:

  • Appropriate size according to some people as mentioned in their advertisement.
  • Reasonable price
  • A robust tent fabric to prevent a tear.
  • A tent should be strong enough to endure harsh weather and tension produced by people movements.
  • Easy to setup
  • The tent should contain at least one additional item like stakes, gear loft, vestibules, and storage pockets.
Moutain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Moutain Trails Grand Pass Tent

What are different types of tent available?

WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent

WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent

There are different types of tents available in the market that provides various features and functionalities.

Different tent types include pop-up tents, weekend tents, adventure/festival tents, family tents (can accommodate the whole family with compartments), and inflatable tents.

Pop up tents are those that gets pitched on their own. Family tents are usually made to accommodate the whole family and contain compartments. Inflatable tents are those need pumps to set them up.

What is acceptable guarantee warranty period for a tent?

The accepted warranty period of a tent varies from brand to brand. However, the accepted period for a warranty of a tent is between one to two years. You should not accept any tent with less than one warranty period.

Should I buy it online or from the store?

You can buy your tent both from online website and from the local store too. However, in a store, if you go physically to buy your tent, then you will get a pretty good chance to check size, material, color and other features of your tent. You can purchase a tent after checking it properly and getting satisfied with it.

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On the other hand, ordering tent from online resource needs accurate previous knowledge of all features and size measurements of the tent. In online websites, tent measurements would only be written, and you could only take a rough idea about its size.

Therefore, before ordering your tent from an online resource, make sure that you know about all features accurately.Also, these days there are many fraud cases in online shopping, and vendors usually deliver defected or poor quality material. That is why it is important to order your tent from a reliable source only.

Best Tent Brands Reviews

1.Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screenhouse Review 

Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screenhouse

Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screenhouse is easy to set up tent that takes seconds or a minute in setting up and taking down. It provides protection against wind, sun, and insects.

The tent contains two T-doors, one at the front and one at the back. It also possesses loops to keep the door open and zippers to keep the door shut. The dimensions are 15 x 13 ft and 41.6 Sq. Ft of shade.


  • check
    It can be convenient tent option for you because of its instant setup features and lightweight material.
  • check
    You can use it on your lawn, backyard and at picnics because of its compact size.


  • It does not give protection against rain.

If you are looking for lightweight, easy to carry and setup tent that can be carried to anywhere, then this tent should be your pick.

2.Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Review 

Napier Backroads Truck Tent comes with the unique style that let people sleep off the ground. It is designed to get adjusted at the back of open-bed pickup truck or SUV.

It is dome-style easy setup tent that is sewn with the floor. The tent possesses four large windows for ventilation and a rain fly that provides complete tent coverage. It also comes with storm fly to protect the tent.

The tent and rain fly are manufactured from Polyester taffeta material, and it can accommodate two people. The floor is manufactured from a polyethylene material, and poles are made from fiberglass material.


  • check
    It might keep you dirt and dust free because of its sewn floor.
  • check
    It might provide good ventilation along with portability because of its four windows and unique style.


  • The fiberglass material might make it less durable.

If you want to enjoy your camping experience differently along with having facilities of normal tents, then Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screen House Tent is a good choice for you.

3.WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent Review 

WENAS Professional Backpacking Tent

WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent is a lightweight 3-season tent that can accommodate one to four people inside. It comes with two doors with the unique style that can be opened both from inside and outside.

The outer curtain provides multiple functionalities that depend on its open or closed position. On opening, it serves the purpose of the outdoor camp, and on closing, it provides additional storage place.

It is manufactured from polyester that is made specifically waterproof and SPF proof material with the waterproof index of 4000 mm. The poles are made up of aluminum material that is highly easy to set up.


  • check
    The poles are made up of aluminum material; it can give you high durability along with lightweight and compact size.
  • check
    Its multiple functionalities can give you the benefit of both outdoor and indoor camping experience.


  • Additional features might make this tent heavier than other
  • It is slightly expensive.

4.Moutain Trails Grand Pass Tent Review 

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent is manufactured from a nylon material that is coated to make it waterproof. It is a dome-style large sized tent that can accommodate up to 10 persons.

Its frame is made up of fiberglass material along with a pin-and-ring system to make its setup easy. The windows and roof walls are meshed to give great ventilation.

It comes with two large D-style doors along with patented hooped fly frame for protection from rain. Dimensions include 18 W x 6.3 H x 10 D feet. Its Stow ‘n’ Go system allows easy setup and pack up.


  • check
    It might be a good option for your family because of its enough large size and adequately ventilated windows and roof.
  • check
    The tent offers the convenience of quick setup.


  • It might be difficult to access the tent as it contains only two doors while the number it can accommodate is up to 10.

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent can provide large space, proper ventilation, easy setup, and durability. These features make it on top of the list for family camping.

5.Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent Review 

Wenzel Klondike Tent is a dome-style tent that is manufactured from polyester fiber along with PU coating to make it waterproof. This tent is a large-sized family tent that can accommodate eight people. It contains a screen room to prevent the tent from getting wet and while offering porch like feelings. 

Moreover, features include rainfly, zipped windows, gear loft, carry bag, mesh roof vents and front awning. It contains one door, and two windows and its floor area is 90 Sq. Ft except for screen porch.


  • check
    It might give you feelings of your home because of its screen home.
  • check
    The tent provides a good ventilation for your family because of its meshed roof vents and large size.


  • It can accommodate eight people while a number of the door is only one, it might create difficulty in accessing the tent.

Besides having few drawbacks, this tent is a good option if your foremost priority is large-sized, properly ventilated tent along with a screen room.


Here, we have discussed best tent brands and different points to consider while buying a tent from any brand. Hope, it would have cleared many things for you that would help you in buying a well-suited tent for you. Coleman is a top-class brand for outdoors products that besides providing tents with all sizes also provides highly durable tent along with many other features.

 Similarly, Wenzel is also a good brand, but it is famous specifically because of their spacious tent with long-lasting qualities. Mountain Trails is another famous brand whose tents are famous specifically because of their low prices and high peak height providing more free space. Similarly, many other brands are famous for many other attributes. Therefore, it is recommended to decide required attributes and then choose the brand afterward.