Best Survival Tent of 2018 & Buying Guide

Life is unpredictable; bad times do not knock on your door before coming. Hence, during camping or long road trips carrying a survival, tent proves to be very beneficial.

If you have a tent already with you at the camping area, it will not only save your effort for shelter but also time from making a shelter from the scratch. You can use best survival tent as a life-saving shelter in bad weather conditions.

It will save you from heavy rainfall. In disaster scenarios having a survival tent can be indispensable. There are a variety of survival tents; you must choose the tent according to your needs and your preferences. With the following points, you can make the best purchasing decision for the survival tent.

In the following list each of our topic picks is the best survival tent;

Buyers Guide:

What features must be preferred while purchasing the survival tent?

There are two basic features which one must keep in his mind while purchasing a survival tent:

  1. Weatherproof
  2. Waterproof

The tent you are purchasing must be weather proof i.e. it must provide you protection from the sun in summer and ensure that you are dry when it is heavily raining outside. The material of the tent must be waterproof. Also look for the measurements of the survival tent before buying. The measurements will include minimum trial weight and the packed weight. These measurements are important to know so that you can carry them along with you while camping and backpacking.

What must be the designing of the survival tent?

The design of the tent must be classic and simple. There must be no frill designs so that it can setup easily in the mountains. Survival tents are available in two shapes, A-frame, and dome.

The dome-shaped tents have a square footprint which gives more excellent space when you need to accommodate a maximum number of peoples. Because of its aerodynamic shape, you might prefer the dome-shaped tent. They are weatherproof, and strong winds can pass smoothly over it.

Mylar Survival Cold weather Thermal Reflective Tent

Mylar Survival Cold weather Thermal Reflective Tent

What poles must you choose for the tent?

Which additional accessories should you take for the survival tent?

The interior of the survival tent can also have some additional pockets to hold small gears. It allows you to keep small accessories such as small torch light and to read books during the camping.

These additional accessories are also very light in weight, and you can carry them with ease. You can also add a loop in the tent for hanging lantern which will illuminate your tent at night giving you more accessibility in the tent in the dark.

SE ET3683 Emergency Tube Tent

SE ET3683 Emergency Tube Tent

Which colors should you choose for your survival tent?

The color of the tent has no effect on its performance.  

However, you must keep a few things in mind before selecting the color of the tent. The dark colors usually absorb more light which results in high temperature inside the tent.

Hence, this can be beneficial in cold weathers only. The light colors do not blend well and do not absorb more heat hence light colors are best to use in summers to stay cool.

Emergency Shelter Tent

Emergency Shelter Tent

How much capacity can a survival tent accommodate?

Level One Emergency Tent

Level One Emergency Tent

The capacity of the tent depends on your needs and preferences. You can select it according to the number of persons.

As this tent is light in weight and takes less space, you have or room left to pack other essential items for camping. They consume less capacity because there are inflatable beams in the survival tent rather than the poles.

First, think about the maximum number of sleepers in the tent then make a decision. You should buy the tent according to the number of people who will go with you on the camping trip.

What are the features of the tent that make it worth buying?

This tent includes an attached cord to set up the tent easily and firmly. The tent has proper ventilation. These tents also include reflected guy lines and also have tension adjusters.

The side walls of the tent are very strong, and they can face the changing weather such as strong winds or heavy rainfall. Sometimes the weather can be cold and very hot the very next minute. It can also set up in few minutes and can be used by minimum two people.

How would two people fit in the survival tent if one of them is 6’5 tall?

The tent is up to the length of eight feet so two people with a 6’5 height can easily fit into the tent. The tent would be a roomy for two people comfortably. Make sure that the tent has appropriately folded seams with double stitching so that it does not wear out.

Is the survival tent reusable?

You can reuse the tent for years only if you carefully fold the survival tent after camping. It is adequate for two people only, and you should use it maximum for two people.

Best Survival Tent Reviews

For your ease, we have picked out the top five best survival tents that the market has to offer.

1.Mylar Survival Cold weather Thermal Reflective Tent Review 


  • check
    It is wind resistant and provides protection in all weather conditions.
  • check
    The product is made up of durable insulating material.
  • check
    It can be used for multi functions such as an emergency sleeping bag, singling device and much more.


  • It can accommodate maximum two people only.
  • In comparison to other product, people do not prefer this product more.

This lightweight and versatile emergency shelter is perfect for camping and backpacking. It is easily available in market at an affordable price. Hence it does not put a great strain on your wallet. This easy and light weight little gem is essential for mountain bike gears in summers.

2.Survival Shack Emergency Tent Review 

This survival shelter is essential for any outdoor adventure. This survival shelter tent is made up of Mylar material which can reflect about eighty percent of your body heat and helps you to remain warm and dry in any weather.

This shelter survival shack is light in weight which makes it easy to carry for hiking, hunting or any survival adventure. This survival shack can accommodate only two adults for survival.  

The survival shack can set up in minutes. If you wish to widen this tent, you simply need to spread it along the rope.  The best thing about this survival shack is that it is waterproof, weatherproof and reusable for two to three seasons.

Before setting up the survival shack check the direction of the wind and make sure your tent will not turn into a tent tunnel.


  • check
    The tent is made up of Mylar material hence making it a desirable choice for most people.
  • check
    You can reuse it for two seasons continuously.
  • check
    This survival tent can be set up in minutes.


  • It is used only for emergency shelter only.
  • You should take proper care against tear and punctures.

If you want an ultimate survival bundle, you need to pair the survival shack with the survival watch and Grenade Emergency Keychain. The combination of the tent with the accessories will result in an excellent experience for you.

3.SE ET3683 Emergency Tube Tent Review 

SE proudly represents their emergency outdoor tube tent with steel tent pegs. It is considered the unique addition to your gear for camping and hiking purposes. Moreover, you can also use it as a  blanket and tents. It has a dimension of about 82 x 36’’.

These tents come at extremely affordable prices. The material of the tube tents nonwoven which helps to insulate the body heat inside the tent to keep the atmosphere warm. As a survival shelter, it is more capable of saving the lives in cold weather.

Therefore, this is a perfect and a quick shelter for survival. This tent can be set up easily in between two trees or rocks. It does not have any doors or zippers; you need to crawl in the tube tent for your safety. Its compact design and super less weight make it fun to carry along the trip.


  • check
    The tent is sufficient for two people.
  • check
    It is best for preparing yourself against cold weathers.
  • check
    You can adjust it to your desired height.


  • The product has no doors or zipper.
  • The tent does not come with instructions.

4. Emergency Shelter Tent Review 

This emergency shelter tent is another high-quality survival tent for two persons. Its compact design and light weight make it more attractive for the tourists and people who want to enjoy their vacation.

Its finest material helps you to provide shelter against rain, storms and heavy winds. You can easily set this emergency shelter tent somewhere between two large trees and enjoy. This emergency shelter can generously accommodate about two adults at a time. It has robust insulating material.


  • check
    The product has a compact and lightweight.
  • check
    The tent saves space, hence giving you more space to keep your belongings.
  • check
    It comes with weather and wind protection.


  • The thin Mylar material used is not that durable.
  • You should take special care for the tears and punctures.
  • It lacks star gazing options for you.

The emergency shelter tent provides protection against the weather as well as insects. Therefore you need not carry your insect repellent with you. The double stitching of this tent makes it more effective at keeping the water away from you. An extra layer of fabric makes the tent more durable to use.

5. Level One Emergency Tent Review 

This two person tent is made up of a long lasting reflective material which helps to keep you warm inside the tent. It has some unique features which make it the most preferred choice for many customers. The camp remains warm during cold nights.

It is a compact and lightweight shelter. Its amazing design gives maximum space for two people. One feature is worth mentioning that it has an amazing design and streamable construction. Moreover, the walls are durable and strong enough hence making sure the tent will stay for long.


  • check
    The tent is of durable quality.
  • check
    You can assemble this tent easily and quickly.


  • It can be slightly large for two people.
  • The quality of the rain fly can be further improved.

We can say that this level one emergency tent is well made and a good quality tent. This level one emergency is everything you need to protect yourself against all weather conditions hence keeping you safe.


Life is very precious, and only the best survival tent keep you safe in unexpected situations. You should not get fooled by cheaper imitations of the products. If you settle for a cheaper tent, there is a high chance it will not be durable.

Furthermore, the reflective material used in manufacturing these survival tents help to conserve the body heat. It is available up to 8 feet. It is windproof, and the assembling of these survival tents is very easy. If you are looking for a comfortable survival tent at an affordable price, then we highly recommend you the tents mentioned above.