Best Cold Weather Tent of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you want to camp this winter, you will need to pay extra attention to some specific details of camping. Furthermore, there is no doubt that good clothing must be the priority while planning in winter but there some specific extreme aspects which can’t be ignored.

Choosing the best cold weather tent can be a big challenge for the campers. In addition, as you go deep in this challenge, you will end up being overwhelmed and confused. So here we have collected some major aspects which are considered as a vital part of camping in winters. Now you’ll get to know about the five best cold weather tent.

Buying Guide:

What are the benefits of buying a cold weather tent?

  • Warmth:

The most amazing benefit of buying the cold weather tent is that they are insulated properly and remains warm during a cold. The fabric of cold weather tent is sturdy and can stand stable in winter.

  • Protection:

These cold weather tents are made up of solid material which helps to give an extra layer of protection to the campers. It provides protection from heavy rain and cold weather.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

What is the difference between a standard tent and Cold weather tent?

Coleman Montana Tent

Coleman Montana Tent

The main difference between a standard tent and the cold weather tent is the additional guy lines.

Furthermore, they give your tent stability and let the tent remain stable in every weather. Heavy rainfall and strong winds cannot affect the sturdiness of the tent.

How should be the walls of the tent?

The walls of the cold weather tent can be either single or double wall. 

Moreover, the difference between these two tents is that the single wall tents are light in weight and can be easily carried.

The double wall tent is more warm and sturdy as compared to single wall tent.

Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman Hooligan Tent

What poles are needed for a cold weather tent?

How to choose the best cold weather tent?

GEERTOP Backpacking Tent

GEERTOP Backpacking Tent

Go for the tent with a fly sheet and ground sheet:

If you are camping in cold weather, there must be chances for snow and rain.

In this case, you will need a tent which must be weather proof as well as waterproof.

In addition, it will provide you protection from the weather and keep you warm.

Advantages of using Cold Weather Tent:

The cold weather tents are perfect for 4 to 5 people. The cold weather tents are separated from the inner and outer side.  Moreover, the outer wall of the tent also provides an additional tenting.  Always settle for the tent that makes you feel comfortable and cozy in cold weather.

What should be tent size and weight?

There is no particular standard to measure the capacity of the tent. In addition, look for gear storage in the camp. If you prefer car camping then obviously the weight of the tent won’t matter. But if you would like to carry the tent on your back, you must prefer a lightweight tent that is easy to carry.

What shape of the tent must be preferred?

The shape of the tent also has a huge impact on the camping trip. It is said that vertical walls mean more space inside the tent.

Which tent poles more durables?

Poles are the basic frame that keeps your tent durable and sturdy. The material of the pole depends on the type of camping you are doing. Select the best poles that won’t need repairing in bad weather condition. Pre-attached poles are also available with many tents. They make the assembling of the tent very easy.

What color of the tent must be considered in a cold weather tent?

There are many more features which must be considered while purchasing a tent. Here are they:

  • Tent color:

Select the color of the tent bright because it makes the visibility clear and bright. As darker color also absorb more heat, and they are best for cold weather camping.

Best Cold Weather Tent Reviews

1. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent Review 

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Coleman has always made our camping adventures brighter and comfortable under the shiny stars and the moon. Moreover, this Coleman tent provides enough space for 8 people.

This tent has unique features which every camper enjoys fully. Its flexibility allows you to carry it anywhere with you. The best feature of this tent is its durability.

It has a room divider which allows you to divide the tent among three separate rooms. Furthermore, the tent provides you protection from snow and keeps you dry from the heavy rain.

It is very easy to assemble by following the given instruction. Moreover, the ventilation system in the tent allows you to have good airflow and proper gear storage. In addition, it is the best tent you can have n a cold weather camping trip.


  • check
    Additional venting option makes it a great option for the campers.
  • check
    8 campers can be easily accommodated in the tent.
  • check
    It makes you feel roomy at a certain comfort zone.


  • The poles may not be attached properly.

2. GEERTOP Backpacking Tent Review 

GEERTOP Backpacking Tent

GEERTOP Backpacking tent is an excellent choice for most of the campers. The fabric of this tent makes it an amazing item for cold weather and snow. This tent is very easy to setup;

it is just a matter of seconds.Moreover, the GEERTOP 2 person tent is water proof and keeps the camper dry for heavy rainfall. It is designed for two persons only. The aluminum poles attached to the tent adds more durability and little of more weight.

This 2 people 4 season campers makes your dream come true. Moreover, from its portability to design it is one of the best cold weather tents. It also has an additional vestibule which helps you to keep your gear items away while resting at night.

Furthermore, the poles make the tent sturdy and strong in all weather conditions.In addition, it has featured two zips at the door side.


  • check
    The fabric of the tent is nylon, which is waterproof.
  • check
    Best for car camping
  • check
    Full coverage to keep you dry from the rain.


  • Doesn’t has much space

We can say that it is almost perfect for two persons. Although it doesn’t has tunnel construction, but we bet it can make you enjoy under the stars. Moreover, it comes in green color which is very trendy these days.

3. Coleman Hooligan Tent Review 

Coleman Hooligan Tent

Another unique cold weather tent offered by Coleman is the Hooligan Tent. This whole tent can easily be assembled in just one minute. It has one pole, and it is designed for two campers.

It further features a full-length Air fly and large gear storage. Moreover, it ensures you to keep you dry in bad weather. It is quite inexpensive, but it offers you the best quality. In addition, the inner mesh is designed to offer the tent with the full ventilation system.

It has two doors for easy entrance into the tent. This tent also features guy lines which add more stability to the tent. Ventilation is provided for the comfort of the campers.

The ventilation also helps to escape the moisture from the tent.  It has external guy lines which keep the tent stable through the worst weather.


  • check
    It can withstand in every weather condition.
  • check
    The poles of the tent are made up of strong fiberglass.
  • check
    Great ventilation


  • Can only accommodate two people
  • It weighs more than other cold weather tents.

Despite heavyweight, it is the best waterproof tent which helps you to enjoy your camping trip. More than two people n the tent won’t go well.

4. Wenzel Alpine Tent–3 Person Review 

Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person

This spacious tent with space enough for .three campers is the best tent preferred in cold weather. It is a unique tent at a very affordable price. If you have ever assembled a tent before then, this tent won’t be a big issue.

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It features have a fiberglass frame which makes the setup really quickly. The best thing about this cold weather tent is that it has an additional mud at which keeps the tent clean. This Wenzel Alpine tent is the best choice for any camping trip.

It can only accommodate three people. In addition, with just one single room of 8 feet, it has a great vestibule which helps in storing gear items and an extra layer of protection. It has a stylish D-style door, and the mesh windows of the tent make excellent ventilation.

It is also responsible for monitoring the moisture in early mornings. Moreover, a hanging pocket in the tent also does a great job in keeping the tent well organized.  The seams of the tent are double stitched for durability.

It has an interior bag for installation of certain storage. The zips on the tent are used to provide protection from the weather.


  • check
    The mud mat keeps the tent clean.
  • check
    Excellent job of ventilation is done by the doors and mesh windows.
  • check
    Durable tent.


  • The tent can accommodate only three people.
  • Some customers are of the view that the tent is not sturdy enough to withstand strong wind.

Although t is recommended to purchase a tent that can withstand in all weather but this tent also provides wit many other features which are loved by their customers. Furthermore, this tent is best for the campers who want to battle the extreme winter camping season.

5. Coleman Montana Tent Review 

Coleman Montana Tent

This Coleman Montana Tent is enough to put 8 people comfortably. This tent has enough space to store your luggage and other personal belongings. This tent has special features that include the unique cabin structure of the tent.

It has angled windows that keep the rain away and keep the campers dry even when the windows are open. The door awning is also there to protect the tent from rain and sun.

It also has electrical access port which has enabled the campers to bring in the technology in the tent. The best unique feature of this tent is that it is made up of the highest quality of material for weather protection. The additional guy lines and poles make it sturdy and worth using it is cold weather.


  • check
    Easy setup.
  • check
    Great vestibules.


  • Not the most durable tent as compared to the others.
  • The poles on the exterior side of the tent may wear out.

This Coleman tent has an easy entrance with the help of two doors. In addition, the mesh windows in the tent also provide great ventilation. Moreover, this tent is considered the best for winter camping, and its light weight also saves you from the burden of carrying it along the trip.

Wrap up:

So if you plan to have some winter camp this year, we are sure that the tents mentioned above will help you a lot to take a wise decision about buying a best cold weather tent. You must look for durability and strength of the tent while purchasing it. Moreover, the high-quality structural tents help to keep you warm in winter camps and let you not your camping trip to the fullest.