Best Cheap Tents For The Money of 2018 & Buying Guide

A shelter is an imperative gear choice when you are going to a trip into a remote backcountry. You should not negotiate your comfort and safety when buying a backpacking tent even if you are on tight budget.

You might find various options for the best cheap tent. Despite various options, it is difficult to pick the best cheap tents for the money you have allocated for your trip. We are here with a guide that might help you pick a right choice.

Buying Guide

Despite being on the budget, there are certain things you need to look for if you do not want to make your experience a bad one. Hence buying a tent because it is cheap is not a right thing to do. We have focused here on the attributes your tent must have to make your stay durable and comfortable.

How much capacity your tent is providing?

Backpacking tents come in different sizes. The sizes are not same for all the brands. Some backpack tents provide capacity for up to four persons. Make sure to check the dimensions of the tent to analyze how many people can fit in it.

So, the capacity of two person tent would not be same in every tent brand. If the people who are accompanying you are big size, then you need to find a big enough tent. Make sure; your tent make your stay comfortable with the space it provides.

Happy Camper Tent Wakeman Outdoors

Happy Camper Tent Wakeman Outdoors

Can your tent provide protection in more than one season?

Yodo Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Yodo Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Designs of backpacks are according to seasons. Some brands offer 3 season tents and some claim to provide protection for more than three seasons.

You can find varieties even in just one brand. Now it depends on your campsite that which one is going to suit you.

If you are going to a place where the weather is mild and you are going in summer season or spring, 3 season tent would be good enough.

However, you should not take 3 season tent if you are planning to go to the place where the weather is cold, and snow falls every once in a while.

Does it have the ability to hold up in sudden weather changes?

Weather is always uncertain, and you should not take a chance by just depending on weather forecast. If you are a hiker, rain might strike you on and off on your way, so it is best to keep these factors in mind.

Is the tent heavyweight or lightweight?

Weight is also something you should focus on when picking a tent. If you choose the right backpack, it will be easy to carry in throughout the trip. Weight does not define the durability of the tent.

Therefore, those who think heavyweight tents are strong are not on the right track. Some advanced backpack tents are comfortable, durable and spacious enough with the minimum cost and the weight of just a few pounds. 

Stansport Hunter Series Dome Tent

Stansport Hunter Series Dome Tent

It would be difficult for you to move a heavyweight tent during your hiking trip. It would make all your convenience go away.

Is the tent construction effortless?

High Peak Outdoors Maxxlite Tent

High Peak Outdoors Maxxlite Tent

Obviously, you do not want to spoil your trip by wasting most of your time on just building your tent. Some cost effective backpack tents come with the poles attached, and they are very easy to assemble.

These tents do not require an army to set up. It would take a few minutes to assemble and you would all set to start with your camping activities.

So, when you look for an easy-to-go backpack tent, make sure the construction does not bother you much, and the tent is easy to assemble.

Is it providing protection against mosquitoes and bugs?

Tiny creatures like bugs and mosquitoes can ruin your trip and pleasant mode. Mosquitoes would keep annoying you during your camping trip, and bugs can take your belongings over.

The structure of your tent could have the ability to keep these nasty creatures at arm’s length. If you are sensitive to bugs and cannot just bear them around, do not forget it while picking a tent for you.

Not only the expensive tents could offer you a bug-free tent, but some low-priced tents would also provide this feature.

Is the material durable?

The material is not just about the fabric that has is used in the tent, but it also includes poles, flooring, and meshed windows. The type of fabric used in tents is nylon or polyester. There is a wide range of the material used in the tents, check yours.

Durability is the key point here. Poles are usually made up of aluminum that maintains strength and makes the poles low-weighted. The tents that are strong have high-grade poles.

The material of floor should also keep you protected from the damp ground. The windows must possess the rainfly, and the quality of mesh should be fine if the tent is offering meshed windows.

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What it has to offer in its interior?

You should assess the tent interior such as doors, wall shapes, peak height, floor area, and ventilation.  Some tents have a door for every sleeper in this case. Wall shapes can make storage space more or less.The verticle walls allow you to have more space.

Your tent should have a feature to prevent condensation when you exhale moisture while sleeping. Meshed windows can help you with that. Zip panels on windows would stop the cold air come in.

Product Reviews

We have a list of best backpacking tents for you. This list would help you pick a top-notch backpack tent for quite a reasonable price.

1.Yodo Lightweight Backpacking Tent Review 

With a durable polyester and PU coating, this Yodo camping backpack can accommodate two persons. It comes with the rainfly vented roof. Its specially designed door has two-way zippered mesh window that has a great venting system. It is very lightweight and has a storage bag with it.


  • check
    The tent can be easily set up.
  • check
    The product provides you with a great venting system.
  • check
    Its large mesh sides keep the bugs away.
  • check
    The backpacking tent is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • A person with the height of six feet cannot fit in this tent.
  • Waterproof agent is required to make it waterproof

It is suitable for a person with the height less than six feet, you can go for this as the tent stays bug-free and the material is durable. By using a waterproof agent, you can make the tent waterproof. As it is easy to set up it is one of the best options for you.

2.Poco Divo Backpacking Tent Review 

With Polyethylene floor and Polyester rainfly, this dome-like tent is water and wind resistant. Its open mesh roof allows the air pass through the tent. This portable tent with zipper carry bag is suitable for two persons.


  • check
    The material is lightweight and easy to set up.
  • check
    The product keeps the insects away with its insect screen.
  • check
    The tent coating keeps the water out.
  • check
    It stops condensation with its great venting system.


  • The tent might be small for two persons.

The tent is good and cheap if you are the only person to stay. You might need to squeeze up if two people try to fit in. This option is great if you have kids and they want to stay in with their friends. Kids would enjoy their shelter.

3.Happy Camper Tent Wakeman Outdoors Review 

This happy camper for two persons comes in blue color, and it has durable fiberglass tent poles. Vented roof and rainfly keep the airflow running throughout the tent. The floor section is off the ground for safety from the water on the ground.


  • check
    The tent is quite low-priced.
  • check
    You can assemble it in minutes.
  • check
    Its light color helps to keep the temperature down.


  • Only the floor is waterproof.
  • It is difficult for two persons to fit in.

4.Stansport Hunter Series Dome Tent Review 

This tent is an excellent option for one adult or two children. The two pole design and quick-clip system allow to construct it quickly. The product is a three season tent with mesh roof for ventilation. Polyethylene is the material used to make it, and its rainfly keeps you dry on a rainy day. The floor does not let the moisture make it damp.


  • check
    Ventilation is great with its meshed sunroof.
  • check
    Its Ring-and-pin locks make hold of poles good with the tent.
  • check
    The set-up and the take-down are easy.


  • The rainfly is quite small in comparison.
  • It might leak if the rain is heavy.
  • The product does not provide safety from bugs

The product might be good if the campsite is dry and rain does not strike you. It could not give you satisfactory outcome if the location is far away and the stay is overnight. Children might find it fun to stay in this tiny tent with easy setup. Therefore this is a good choice if you want to gift it to a kid.

5.High Peak Outdoors Maxxlite Tent Review 

This high peak outdoor tent can fit two adults in it. The meshed door with zippers allows the air come in. The weight is less than 3 pounds, and it can easily fit in the carry case along with the poles. You can avoid the heat by keeping the solid door zipped up.


  • check
    Its easy-to-set style allows even children to put up and take away in a few minutes.
  • check
    The outer rain cover protects you from the rain.


  • There are no windows of the sunroof for ventilation.
  • The material is not water resistant.
  • The tent gets warm in high temperature even if the door is open.

It is good for the places where the temperature is moderate. If you do not have spare money to spend for some more qualities and the destination is not a hill station, this choice is right. The tent is easy to set up, so it does not take much effort or time to set it.


In our above guide, we have tried to make it easy for you to choose best cheap tents for the money for your camping trip. This article would have helped you about what type of a tent you should get. In our product review, we have shrunk the list down, so that do not have to get confused between the numberless options whether you want it for yourself or your children.

The five options we have recommended are all easy on the wallet and would provide a great value to your budget. Grab the one that can fulfil all your requirements and make your camping trips easy and fun.