Best Budget Tent of 2018 & Buying Guide

While going for a camping trip to a hilltop in the wilderness, it is essential to keep a close check on the gears you are taking along with you. These gears are for your ease, security, and comfort.

It is a shelter, an accommodation and a home away from home. Thus, it has to be a real support. It has to offer comfort and protection always as you never know when the weather becomes harsh and challenges your nerves.

Buying an excellent tent does not mean to compromise on something that costs an arm and a leg. If your pocket does not afford a high rated tent, it is better to look for an economical option that can give you the best in best possible rates.

It is not impossible to get a budget friendly camping experience while you are purchasing a budget tent from the market.

Buying Guide

Points to ponder when buying a budget tent:

Money is not the most important part when buying camping gear. What is important, Tte quality of what you have bought? Brand name might ensure reliability, but it does not signify that every brand is offering the same.

The same is the case with the prices. A price product does not ensure high quality. In economic and budget friendly rates sometimes it is possible to acquire the best camping gadget.

Once out in the market to get a tent of your choice, it becomes pain striking to find something that is perfect and still falls in your price range.

Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

How many people are using the tent?

Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman Hooligan Tent

The first and foremost thing is to know how much space you need inside the tent. You can analyze how much space you need depending on the people who are coming with you on the trip.

The wider the interior, the larger and heavier the tent will be. The prices also vary according to the dimensions of the tent. Check for your need of the space and your budget. Match the two aspects and get the most appropriate option in all respects.

Which camping area you are planning to visit?

All camping terrains do not have similar conditions. They vary according to the climate, physical features, and the location. The buyer has to be well aware of what he is buying and where he is going.

It is not necessary that all tents be meant for all terrains and weather conditions. A perfect tent has to be the one that can well adjust in all weather conditions. It must be of weather-resistant materials. 

Moutain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

The tent needs to be water repellant to protect in rain and well ventilated for the harsh summer conditions.  The supporting poles to fix the tent properly must also be according to the terrain. The poles must be sturdy and rust-free.

What is a user-friendly budget tent?

While making the final buying decision, it is important to get the one that can correctly adjust the user in the interiors along with his all essentials. A door and window with an easy to open zipper is also an added advantage.

Which material is a perfect choice?

2-Room Non-Instant Shower Tent

2-Room Non-Instant Shower Tent

Tents are available in many different materials. These materials range from the sturdiest to the most delicate ones. The price of a tent is determined by the material too.

Therefore, It is important to get all-purpose and all weather material for the tent. You do not have to pay some extra bucks to get additional specifications in the material. You can get good quality material tent by paying a reasonable amount.

Best Budget Tent Reviews

It is tough to sort out the best options for a budget tent with all necessary features. The buyer feels baffled among the extensive range of the tents available in the market.

Choosing the right tent for appropriate conditions becomes a real test of your patience. The list reviews the details of the top five budget tents in the market:

1.Stansport Hunter Series Dome Tent Review 

It is a Dome type tent that comes with an easy to install features. You can fix the Stansport Camping creation to the base terrain. It comes with a compact, yet simple two pole design.

The tent attaches firmly and comfortably with the help of the quick-clip system and ring-and-pin locks attached at the corners. If you are planning a camping spree that includes backpacking and backyard campouts it is great to buy the Hunter Series Tent from the Transport.

It is a great option for all weathers. The mesh roof helps to enjoy ventilated upper of the tent that also makes you feel standing close to the star covered skies at night. The water repelling materials contributes to keeping the rain water away. These budget tents by Transport have a spacious interior that can comfortably accommodate a weight of four pounds.


  • check
    It is a compact and small-sized tent that is easy to carry in the bag back while hiking and trekking.
  • check
    The Transport Hunter collection comes in attractive colors.
  • check
    The Hunter series tents are made with an objective to create the user-friendly specifications. It is very easy to install and then pack the tent after use.
  • check
    The poles are sturdy enough to hold the tents firmly in place.


  • The rain repelling quality is weak due to the minuscule rain fly.
  • The material is light and delicate. Hence it is to be handled with great care when installing and then uninstalling.

With few weaknesses on board, it still makes a great tent at economical prices. It is an excellent choice for the seasoned campers who love to stay out exploring in any possible season. Hence this product gives you an excellent experience in reasonable price.

2. Coleman Sundome Tent Review 

Coleman two-person Sundome tent is a revolutionary name associated with the camping expeditions. It has brought about a change in the manufacturing, design, and style of the tents.

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Therefore, it is incredibly easy to install these tents in any weather and terrain. Moreover, the manufacturers have ensured complete comfort by adding full ventilation with adjustable Variflo airflow ventilation, a huge window and an easy to open the zipped door to Coleman Sundome.

In the presence of the welded floors based on the Weathertec System and the fully sealed seams, the rain water cannot enter into the tent. It stands high against the harshest winds with the help of Instant-Clip-pole attachment.The pole sleeves are snug-free, and this helps in a quick 10 minutes installation.

The floor is as large as 7 feet by 5 feet, and so it can comfortably accommodate two people. The tent comes with a storage bag to move around. Apart from the sufficiently large width, it comes with enough height of 48 inches that can add further space to the tent.


  • check
    It is a budget friendly tent that suits every pocket and gives several benefits in this nominal price.
  • check
    Whether you are trekking or hiking or moving along the plain terrain, the light weight is a blessing.
  • check
    The product is easy to assemble and takes no time to set up.
  • check
    The instruction manual is easy to follow and can be used even by a beginner.


  • In heavy rains, some users claim that the seams leak making the interiors wet.

It has very little disadvantages associated with it. The overall performance reveals that it is a pretty decent product for the campers at all levels. The materials, the colors and the designs are astounding that match the choice of every kind of camper.

3. Coleman Hooligan Tent Review 

Are you looking for a spacious, easy to install, weather-resistant, three person tent? You might have many options, but the best name among the most economical tents is Coleman Hooligan Tent.

The tent is worth buying because it has all the essential features that are required by the camper. From the ease of installation to the wider interiors, there is no match to the Coleman camping experience. With the updated WeatherTecâ„¢ System it is possible to enjoy the camping experience even in the heaviest rain.

The dome construction increases the height that is ideal for accommodating a tall person too. The set-up is much easier in the case of this tent as the sleeves are snag free. The tent comes with covered vestibule which in result does not let the rain or water pass through into the interiors.

It also protects the door area from heavy winds. The Coleman Hooligan Tent has a one-year limited warranty that increases your confidence on the eight ft. X 7 ft. Broad and four ft. 10-inch High tent.


  • check
    Coleman tent has a weather shield that gives extra protection against all kinds of weather changes.
  • check
    The belongings in the tent stay safe from unexpected climatic changes due to the sheltered vestibule.
  • check
    The tent is easy to install and remove.
  • check
    All the seams are sealed to give protection against the rain.


  • It is comparatively heavier than the usual three-person tents.
  • The outer door is so low that the user has to crawl or kneel down to pass through it.

With every positive, there is a negative, and this is something natural. The tent is easy and quick to assemble, hence making the camping trip easier and more fun.

4.2-Room Non-Instant Shower Tent Review 

If you are a seasoned camper who is seeking comfort and convenience in every camping trip, then it is time to try the new two-room non-instant shower tent by Ozark Trail. It is a great tent that comes with a separate shower room that is operated by a five-gallon solar shower.

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The separate room helps in keeping your accessories including your clothes dry. The mesh panel allows excellent ventilation, and a similar mesh is attached to remove the water from the shower area. Moreover, the interior is bright with the two windows that let the natural light come inside.

The removable rainfly is an additional addition to the comfort of the tent. A shower shelter is at the outdoors that is made up of the durable polyester. It comes with the silver aluminum walls that ensure complete privacy.


  • check
    As it provides double rooms, it becomes easier to accommodate in the wider space.
  • check
    The shower and the dressing area in separate help maintain the healthy environment during the stay.
  • check
    It is possible to keep the interiors dry and ventilated with the mesh attachment.


  • The product is comparatively heavier than many tents, so the campers feel uncomfortable carrying it for hiking.

Apart from the heavyweight, this tent has hardly any dark side associated with it. The campers enjoy the space, shower, and privacy when using this two-room tent. Furthermore, the tent is suitable for different seasons.

5.Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent Review 

Moutain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Mountain trail grand pass tent measures 120x216x76 inches in total. With this comfortably spacious size, it is possible for the camper to move around. With this manageable weight, it becomes easier to carry this tent on a hiking trip.

It weighs 21.1 pounds. Trips. The excellent ventilation, extended meshed roof, allows a comfortable condition inside the tent. With this feature, the temperature remains comfortably moderate within the tent during the hot summers.

The floor stays clean and tidy with the polyethene and mud mat fusion. If you need some privacy in the shared premises, the tent provides a separating screen too. It comes with an easy to use 2D Dutch doors.


  • check
    The grand pass tent is spacious and large enough to accommodate a camping group.
  • check
    It has well-ventilated interiors that give an open and airy feeling.
  • check
    When accompanying kids, it is easy to place inflated beds in the tent.


  • With mesh and windows, it is not possible to enjoy complete protection against the harsh cold.
  • Due to massive size, it is a heavy tent to carry on hiking trips.
  • The windows do not completely cover the rain fly.

Mountain trail grand pass is a real camping gift for many who love going out with family or friends. It is a mini home. The pros of this product are far more than the cons hence this product might be the one for you. If you are on a budget, then this is one of the best options in the market for you.


Camping is a fun activity for summers and all around the year. It helps you come close to nature and also your loved ones. Furthermore, it is a great experience if you have a great tent to spend time with your friends or your family.

A wrong tent can ruin your chance to enjoy your well-deserved vacations. The above list has one best budget tent that fulfil all your requirements. You need to choose the tent that fits your requirements, so you face no problems regarding the tent and have an unforgettable camping experience.