Best Baby Beach Tent of 2018 & Buying Guide

Are you planning to enjoy some vacations or a holiday with your family at the beach? Great, you must be excited about your trip. However, do you have kids or toddlers with you as well? Then, besides increasing your level of enjoyment, these little bundles of joy will also be a source of constant tension for you as well.

You must be thinking to take all their small items with you that they might need during the trip and one of them is their place to stay i.e. the beach tent. Choosing a best baby beach tent could be your highest priority.

Therefore, to ease your problem, here we will give few tips and recommendations that can help you to choose a well-suited beach tent for your baby. Here is the list of recommended best baby beach tent:

Buying Guide

What are beach tents?

Beach tents are similar to other normal camping tents in term of their material and basic purpose. Like other tents, they are also manufactured from polyester or waterproof nylon material.

They might have more opening points as compared to general tents, and they are made with the purpose to provide easy access to go inside the tent or coming out. They can be usually small or equal to the size of normal tents that depends on beach tent’s brand and model.

However, unlike other tents, they do not provide the facility to sleep inside it for the night. As it is against the law in many countries to sleep at beaches during night time, therefore, beach tent manufacturers did not put this functionality in these tents.

However, they are a great resource for providing shelter not only in beaches but, other outdoor areas too. Depending on their sizes, these tents can accommodate a pair of babies, kids or one or adults two. Like other tents, they may or may not come with the floor.

Why do you need to buy a best baby beach tent?

You might think that what is the need to buy beach tent just to keep babies protected from sunlight? Why not use some sunscreen or sunglasses only?

You should be aware of the fact that besides providing protection against sunlight, there are plenty of other benefits of beach tents as well like you can provide your baby a rest area inside the tent. Moreover, you can also place its toys and eatables inside the tent.

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

What are the additional benefits of beach tents?

  • Besides protecting your baby, it also provides you an additional facility to store your belongings at one place and stay tension free about these things getting lost. Beach tent not only keep your things organized, but it also defends them from many damages that a beach can cause to them.
  • No matter, which part of the world you go, you may get one or two criminals at least these days. Therefore, it is better to stay protected and avoid any mishaps. Beach tents assist in this regard as well. They keep your things out of the eye of criminals.
  • Usually, nobody thinks of getting privacy at the beach. However, taking beach tent with you can also give benefit in this regard. With the tent, you can spend some private time with your kids and family or friends.
  • Beach tents can also help in storing your food and keeping it protected from getting rotten on damage from sea water.
  • Beach tents are very easy to set up. On one side, they help your kids to stay protected and healthy, and on the other, they give you a private space to change the diaper of your baby.

What kind of material is suitable for the baby beach tent?

Like other tents, beach tents are also manufactured from waterproof nylon or polyester material. However, along with these materials, they also come with UPF protection to keep your baby away from all of the UV sun rays. ​

This coating is usually done at the top or peak of the tent while keeping sides coating free. The reason is to avoid tent becoming an oven and letting fresh air to reach your kid. 

Furthermore, before purchasing a beach tent for you baby, you should consider the sensitivity of your kid towards sunlight.

Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent

Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent

What should other factors be considered while buying a best baby beach tent?

As babies are more sensitive as compared to adults, therefore, extra care should be taken regarding their tent. 

Few factors that you should consider before buying a baby beach tents is its size, material, ease of use, style, and color.

Furthermore, few tents are more open than others and might contain floor or not.

iCorer Automatic Pop Up Instant Cabana Beach Tent

iCorer Automatic Pop Up Instant Cabana Beach Tent

Why and how these factors can affect the functionality of baby beach tent?

Pacific Play Tents

Pacific Play Tents

These factors can affect the functionality or value of baby beach tent in the following ways:

Size: the size of the baby beach tent is the one important factor that can affect the value of your tent. The tent should not only be comparable to the size of your baby, but it should also offer some additional space to store other items and to let at least one or two adults sit with your baby.

Material: the material of baby beach tent is another important factor that needs to be considered wisely before going to buy a beach tent for your baby. Tent material besides being sturdy and smooth should be coated with UPF protection. Only in this way, it would be able to defend your baby from harsh weather conditions and sunlight.

Ease of use: Different things come like the easiness of carrying tent towards the beach, packed space it takes, locations it will be used, and opening/closing of beach tent. Definitely, you would not like to spoil your precious day while struggling with the baby tent. Therefore, consider this fact before purchasing one for your baby.

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Color: color usually doesn’t matter for many people, or maybe it will not matters too while buying tents for adults. However, in a bay tent, the color of the tents also matters a lot. Firstly kids do love bright and vibrant colors, and they insist on buying the color of your choice. You should think about their choice before buying their tent. Secondly, bright colors make it easy for you to identify the tent even from the far off location.

Can we use baby beach tent in other outdoor places as well?

As baby beach tents provide protection against sunlight, winds, sands and small insects. Therefore, besides the beach, these tents can also be used in a variety of outdoor places.

You can also put your baby inside beach tent during any camping trip or any other picnic spots. In daily routine, while going out in part of the evening, this beach tent can keep you baby protected from small insects. In short, these beach tents provide complete protection to your child, no matter what the location is.

Best Baby Beach Tent Reviews

1.Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Review 

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent is manufactured from lightweight material along with particularly designed EasyUp Hub System. It contains an advanced system that helps in a quick tent setting up and taking down.

This tent is manufactured to provide protection against sun, rain, and wind. It possesses UPF 50+ coating to prevent ultraviolet sun rays. Besides providing protection from the sun and the wind, it contains large windows too for the purpose of supplying adequate ventilation.

The dimensions of this tent are 87 L x 47 H x 49 D that gives enough spacious tents’interior. Besides utilizing lightweight fabric material, its frame structure is made up of lightweight and sturdy fiberglass material, and the floor is coated with PE to make it waterproof.

Additional accessories belong to this tent are sand pockets, stakes, carrying case, and internal pockets for storing valuable items.


  • check
    You can adjust one or adults as well along with the baby, because of its remarkably large size.
  • check
    It might be easy and convenient for you to take this tent on the beach, because of its lightweight and sturdy material.
  • check
    Internal storage pocket and UV rays protected the material of tent can make you tension free from your baby’s health and valuable items.


  • It is a bit difficult for you to take it towards beach because its compact size is equal to a normal size folded chair.

If you want a spacious, good quality and lightweight tent for your baby, then Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent can be a good option for you.

2.Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade Review 

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade is a beach tent with 57 inches peak height and 7.5’ x 4’5’ footprint that makes it accommodate adults with a baby too. Along with well-protected shelter, it comes with two zippered doors that can pack the tent completely.

It is made up of sturdy material with UV Guard protection for SPF 50+. Besides two zippered doors, it further contains four hanging pockets to store valuable items.


  • check
    It can provide you a good shelter along with complete privacy while changing, because of its zipped doors.
  • check
    It can be a good source for storing and keeping your valuables at one place because of its four hanging internal pockets


  • As the structure of this tent is not pop up, it might take a good 10 minutes to set it up.
  • It might not be a good option for you during heavy winds because of its light material.

3. Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent Review 

Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent comes with a pop-up structure that makes it easy to open and close this tent. It contains full walls on its three sizes that make it more protective and offers more shelter. Besides providing privacy when closed, its windows provides adequate ventilation on opening them up.

The tent contains user-friendly sand bags and stakes to make tent withstand heavy winds. Its dimensions are 90” x 53” x 51. It is manufactured from a zinc coated polyester material that offers ultraviolet protection factor of 30+.


  • check
    The large size makes easy to sit all the family members.
  • check
    It can provide good shelter as well as privacy because of its three sides full walls.


  • It might be tricky for you to pack this tent back, because of its pop-up style needs bit practice for it.

The tent from Shade Shack gives you hassle free beach setup with its instant pop up feature. This tent can be a blameless option for you if large size and easy setup are your foremost priority.

4.iCorer Automatic Pop Up Instant Cabana Beach Tent Review 

iCorer Automatic Pop Up Instant Cabana Beach Tent contains durable nylon material along with silver coating around its complete area to provide complete protection against UV rays.

The tent comes with pop-up design to ensure easy setup. It possesses double type b dense interwoven mesh to ensure ventilation while providing protection against UV rays and inclusive structure to withstand heavy winds. Its dimensions are 65L x 59W x 43.5H with the weight of 2.2 pounds.


  • check
    The lightweight feature makes it an easy to carry beach tent. It weighs only 2.2 pounds.
  • check
    Your kids will be attracted to its unique design and vibrant color.


  • It might not be a good option for the heavy windy weather because of its lightweight structure.

This tent possesses few drawbacks, but, if you want to have a good UV-protected shelter along with some privacy, then this tent could be your pick.

5. Pacific Play Tent Review 

Pacific Play Tent is a yellow/purple colored portable tent with the dimensions of 36” x 36” x 36”. It can be packed completely to give the baby a peaceful time while napping and meshed side walls and roll-up door helps to keep tent ventilated.

It is manufactured from sturdy 190T polyester taffeta fabric along with waterproof floor to provide complete protection against UV.


  • check
    It will provide peaceful time to your baby because of its roll-up door and protected side-walls.
  • check
    The tent will keep your kid completely protected from sand, insects and harsh winds.


  • It can not accommodate adults or more than one kid because of its small size.

If you want to give complete protection to your kid only then this tent should be your pick as it ensures to give complete peace to your kid.


During outdoor trips, your baby’s sensitive body might get affected by anything from harsh weather to insects present out there. Therefore, to protect your kid completely, you need to select a flawless baby tent. There are different types of beach tents available in the market like canopy tents, pop-up beach tents, cabana tents, and baby beach tents. Baby beach tents are lighter in weight as compared to other beach tents and can easily be opened or closed. We have discussed things to consider before purchasing, and the list of best baby beach tent can help you to choose the best tent for your baby.