Best 2 person tents under $100 (Year 2018)

Do you have a long weekend or vacations coming up? Are you planning to go out for some camping with your friend to enjoy this time? Then the first thing you should consider is the place to stay. In case you are an adventurous guy and love to spend your time in the wild then obviously you are going to need a tent. At the end of a tiring day, the tent will be your resting place. It is more like your home when you are staying at the outdoor location.

Therefore, the first thing you have to consider is buying a well-suited tent for you and your mate. Well, there are numerous tents available on the market with a variety of attribute from the renowned brands. They may vary in material, quality, capacity, and space.

These varieties might confuse you to get a suitable tent with an affordable price. Therefore, to ease your problem, here we will give brief details on points that you need to consider while buying a tent and recommendation of five tents that you can consider while buying a tent.

what points to consider while buying a tent?

There are different dimensions and aspects of the tent that can make their value distinct from each other. Every person looks for a different specific aspect of the tent.

For a person, selecting components with valid attributes can make tents more useful and worthy to buy. Here we will discuss few aspects like tent seasonality, peak height, floor length, door, poles, material, and ventilation that can help you to understand what points you need to see while buying a tent.

How many types of seasonal tents are available?

There are three types of tents are available in the market while considering the seasoning. These types are 3-season, 3-4-season, and 4-season tents. 3-season tents, as their name depicts, are manufactured to provide screening against three seasons i.e. spring, summer, and fall.

They contain meshed panels to ensure air flow and protection against insects. These tents withstand mediocre rainfall and windy weather as well. 3-4-season tents or extended season tents and also provide protection against three seasons, but with a prolonged period. 

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent

These tents can be used from early spring to late fall when you will experience a slight snowfall.Their customized manufacturing gives warmth-retention, strength, and adequate ventilation making it suitable to be used for different weather conditions. 4-season tent is more durable and can endure harsh winter season.

These are manufactured with the functionality to withstand heavy snow and harsh winds. However, their less meshed panel and airflies can make it feel warmer during normal weather.

Which seasonal tent should be brought for a less adventurous person?

What is peak height? Moreover, how does height of tent crest matter?

The peak height of a tent is the tallest point of the tent.

The height of tent matters only if your height is more than average like you are almost 6ft or more.

It does also matter if you want to stand and roam comfortable inside the tent and wants to take pleasure from tent’s airiness.

Vicona Waterproof lightweight backpacking tent

Vicona Waterproof lightweight backpacking tent

What choices are available regarding tent peak height? 

Two types of tents are available regarding their peak height. One is a cabin-style tent that contains vertical walls and provides more peak height along with wide space.

On the other hand, there are dome-style tents which provide great strength and endurance against harsh winds, but their living space and height are low at all parts of tents because of their sliding walls.

Double Layer Backpacking Tent

Double Layer Backpacking Tent

How can floor length affect tent experience?

SEMOO Lightweight Instant 2-Person Pop Up

SEMOO Lightweight Instant 2-Person Pop Up

Floor length of a tent can have a great impact on comfort level. If the length of the floor is comparable to your body size, only then it will let you sleep comfortably. You should choose the tent that will cover your body length fully.

Typically, the tents come in floor length of 84-88 inches. Therefore, if you are a tall person then go for the tent with 90 inches floor length.

Tents with how many doors should be brought?

Usually, a number of doors at the tent does not affect its comforts or durability. For a couple using a single tent, it is good to have multiple doors for easy entrance and exit.

However, single door tents are usually lighter in weight than multiple door tents.

Which quality/attributes of doors should be considered?

Before buying a tent with a multiple/single door, the zip quality, the noise it produces and easiness of opening and closing the door should be considered as it might disturb other people residing inside the tent.

How poles affect tent’s functionality?

The structure of tent poles defines how easy or difficult it would be to setup the tent. These days many freestanding tents are also available in the market that does not require poles for their setting. They are easy to use and can be taken to different locations easily.

How a number of poles affect tent feasibility?

When your tent has a little number of poles, it will be very convenient for you to set up the tent. Tents with more poles take more time and effort to set the tent on the ground.

What makes tent easy to pitch?

If you are going to buy a tent with poles, then consider choosing those tents having clips to attach poles to the tent rather than long pole sleeves. Furthermore, color-coded corners can also make tent easy to ground.

However, there are few tents also available that uses both clips and short pole sleeves to attain strength and ventilation. If durability is your foremost priority, then tents with aluminum poles should be your priority rather than fiberglass poles.

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Poles made up of carbon fiber are also available. They are highly reliable, light, but expensive. However, they are less sturdy as compared to aluminum poles.

Which tent material you can choose? High denier or low-denier

Tents with a variety of materials are available in the market. However, the tents whose canopies and fliers are manufactured from higher denier fabric are harder and rougher than the less-denier fabric. Whereas, usage of high-denier fabrics on tent floor reduces the chances of tent leakage.

How to determine tent ventilation?

The amount of ventilation your tent will allow depends on a number of mesh panels present at the ceiling, doors, and windows of the tent. If you are in search of a high ventilating tent, then you can choose large mesh panels. Besides mesh panels, the height of tent also contributes in ventilation.

Best 2 person tents under $100 reviews

In this section, we will provide you a list of tents along with their brief detailing to help you out in choosing a well-suited tent for you under the price range of $100.

1.ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent Review 

The Mountaineering Meramac Tent is a three-season, freestanding tent along with two poles and connectors made up of aluminum and fiberglass material. The tent comes with exceptionally large poles and lightweight polyester material with uncoated side walls.

It contains full-length rain flies along with seals both at rain flies and at tent floors. Other features of this tent include two doors, a#8 zip that is larger than usual zip lengths, dome-style peak, two-person capacity, additional storage pockets and gear loft.


  • check
    As this tent contains storage pockets and gear left, it can help you with keeping things organized and well-settled.
  • check
    Its freestanding style with two poles might help you while grounding this tent.
  • check
    The full-length rain flies will help you to provide good protection against weather.
  • check
    Its multiple doors feature can help you to easy exit and entrance to the tent.


  • The full-length rain flies along with multiple doors feature will make it heavy to carry.
  • Freestanding style and poles made up of fiberglass material can be proved as less durable tent option.

The combination of components makes it stand at the middle point of being sturdy and non-durable tent option. You can enjoy proper ventilation due to its meshed panels. Besides having a few cons, overall, it is a good tent option for an average-sized person.

2.SEMOO Lightweight Instant 2-Person Pop Up Review 

SEMOO lightweight Instant Tent is a freestanding tent made up of advanced structure that will help it to pop up as soon as you left it. It contains two large back and front door to prevent choking while accessing the tent.

The tent comes with two windows, covered with nylon flap to improve ventilation of the tent. It also contains two interior pockets, carries bag and four wind lines as its additional features.


  • check
    Its freestanding style can make it easy to pitch and lightweight as well.
  • check
    Its feature of having two windows with nylon flap can help you enjoy airiness of this tent.
  • check
    Multiple doors and additional pockets might help you to stay organized inside the tent.


  • The freestanding style makes it less durable tent option.

Though this tent seems to have few drawbacks regarding its durability and high protection against weather, still, it seems like a good choice as an easy-to-carry and easy-to-settle tent option, especially during mild or hot weather.

3.Double Layer Backpacking Tent Review 


  • check
    The tent is easy to pitch due to its advanced pop-up structure.
  • check
    It will be helpful in retaining warmth during winters, because of its high-denier fabric used in its manufacturing
  • check
    Aluminum poles, double stitching with tape sealed seams, and use of high-density nylon mesh makes it a durable tent.


  • The dome style ensure durability and protection from snow, but it can be less spacious because of having non-vertical walls
  • It could be heavy tent to be carried because of using high-density fabrics.

The tent fulfills its functionality of providing weather protection and retaining warmth inside the tent. Despite having few drawbacks, it can provide good results if used specifically in winters.

4. Techcell 2 person tent Review 

Techcell 2 person tent contains single-layer curtain that is enough to keep it safe from rain and harsh winds beside retaining warmth. It is a dome-style tent with poles made-up of fiberglass material. The poles are required to pitch this tent that enhances its strength against harsh weather.


  • check
    It accommodates two persons with more than 6ft height because of its floor length of 78*59 inches.
  • check
    The tent is lightweight and very easy to carry.
  • check
    It provides adequate ventilation because of large mesh panels.


  • Use of fiberglass material makes this tent less durable.
  • It might be difficult for you to pitch this tent, as its structure is not freestanding.

Like every other product available in the market, this tent also has some pros and few cons. However, overall this tent seems good for those want to campaign at the mild weather with the desire to carry light-weight packings with them.

5.Vicona Waterproof lightweight backpacking tent Review 

Vicona waterproof, the lightweight tent is a two person tent with the dome-shaped style. It is manufactured from polyester cloth and waterproof fabric to make it withstand heavy rains.

Its poles are made up of aluminum alloy making it durable and lightweight at the same time. It contains two windows and top made up of mesh panel to provide good ventilation. You can cover the top with rain flies to stay protected from rain.


  • check
    Its aluminum alloy rods and frames make it a durable as well as lightweight choice.
  • check
    The presence of two large windows along with large meshed panels will provide you good ventilation.


  • The dome-shaped style makes it less spacious as compare to other tents.
  • It can be difficult to ground this tent because of the absence of freestanding style.

No doubt space can be a problem in this tent along with few other issues. However, considering its features like aluminum alloys and waterproof fabric makes it a lightweight and durable tent and your foremost priority.


In this article, we have tried to provide brief detailing on aspects and components of tents that you should consider while going to buy a tent.

Furthermore, by reading above mentioned review of different tent types might have given you a clear picture of attributes you want to have in your tent and drawbacks that you can compromise on or want to avoid altogether.

All you need to do is make a list of your requirements and tick against the features of each tent. The high score tent will become a natural choice for you.