9 Ways to heat a tent effectively!

If you love spending time exploring the great outdoors and are looking for unique, innovative ways to heat your tent, simply continue reading to discover 9 handy ways to heat your tent. 

1. Heated rocks 

If you plan on swapping stories by a campfire in the evenings and roasting marshmallows, it's well worth placing several rocks right next to your fire. Let these rocks heat up over several hours. An hour before, you're due to head to bed simply use a stick to push your rocks away from your fire. Once your rocks have cooled enough, that you won't get burnt, simply use a towel to move your rocks into your tent. Make sure to zip up your tent to keep the warmth of the heated rocks inside. 

2. Makeshift hot water bottles 

You can also heat water in a pot over your campfire, which you can then carefully pour into a couple of empty water bottles. While it's too dangerous to hug your makeshift hot water bottle, placing a few makeshift hot water bottles inside your tent, will increase the temperature inside your tent.

3. Pack a tent specific electric heater 

If you have a car parked next to your tent, you can plug a small portable tent specific heater into a power inverter, which allows you to use your car's electricity to power your tent heater. Better yet, if you stay at a campsite which boasts power outlets, simply plug your tent heater into an available socket and you'll enjoy a toasty warm night, inside your tent.

4. Invest in a catalytic heater 

If you plan on camping off the beaten track you may want to carry a portable catalytic heater, which produces heat without the need for electricity. Instead, catalytic heaters are used in conjunction with a propane cylinder, in order to generate heat. As there is no flame involved, there is no danger of burning down your tent. Just ensure to turn your heater off before you go to sleep, as a catalytic heater can melt plastic items. 

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5. Invest in a high-quality sleeping bag 

Contrary to popular belief, not all sleeping bags are created equally. If you plan on camping in cold conditions you'll need a sleeping bag which boasts a zero degree rating. Which means that it is fit for use in extreme temperatures. If you still think you'll be cold or you don't want to fork out hundreds of dollars for a top of the line sleeping bag, simply purchase a snuggly fleece based, sleeping bag liner.

6. Invest in a sleeping pad

Not only do sleeping pads offer extra comfort but they also provide insulation and ensure that you're not lying on the cold hard floor. 

7. Use a thermal blanket to line the ceiling of your tent

Did you know that you can use a space blanket or mylar emergency blanket, to line your tent's ceiling? Your chosen blanket will prevent warm air from evaporating and will trap the warm air in your tent inside. Instead, the warm air inside your tent will reflect back down onto you, especially if you have a tent heater radiating heat. 

8. Pack a portable camp stove 

Make sure to opt for a model, which has been designed to be safely used inside a tent as your safety, should be your ultimate priority. Some models even come with their own heat mats, which boast fire retardant canvas or rubber. As the last thing you want is a stray spark of fire to light your tent on fire. 

Should you pack a portable camp stove you'll also get to enjoy your favorite hot foods, instead of being forced to eat tinned food or sandwiches. Just ensure never to drink alcoholic beverages when operating your camp stove. 

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9. Underfloor heater

Underfloor heaters are portable heatable mats, which you can safely place under your tent or under your sleeping bag. Underfloor heaters can keep your tent at a toasty 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Bonus tips:

  • Full a thermos flask with a hot beverage

If you build a campfire it's well worth filling a thermos with hot chocolate or coffee, which you can drink inside your tent if you feel cold.

  • Wear gloves and socks to sleep

To prevent your body from losing valuable heat, ensure to wear gloves and wooly socks to sleep. 

So if you don't want to spend another night shivering under the stars, make sure to keep the 9 tips listed above in mind!