5 Easy Steps to Fold a Tent

Folding a tent the right way is a hard task for most people, not as straightforward as setting it up. Knowing how to fold a tent is a skill you will find useful to possess. While it isn’t that complicated, it requires some bit of knowhow to do it right. A well-folded tent will easily fit in its bag, is unlikely to harbor pockets of air that favor mold-growth, and prevents the fabric from creasing.

Before beginning to fold your tent, ensure the inner, as well as the outer parts, are cleaned and allowed to dry completely. It avoids traces of moisture being folded in. Remove all the pins or pegs that fastened it to the ground and zip up the windows and other parts.
Next, remove the poles and keep them aside. If the poles are the detachable type, make sure you take the segments apart.

Once you have finished with the above steps, it’s now time to fold the tent. Before starting the actual folding, ensure that it’s free of any debris once more; you don’t want to make the mistake of folding it together with debris and damage its fabric.

Steps to Folding a Tent

Start With The Fly

1. Lay the fly flat, ensuring the parts that contain the supports are on the up side.

2. Fold the first bit, by bringing one end of the supports to the support that’s next in line to it. Do the same to the other end.

3. Continue folding until the last of the supports meet at the center.

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4. Once you have folded to the middle, its time to roll the fly. Roll it from one end( the part closest to the door first)

5. Roll to the end, pressing firmly to produce a tight roll that takes up little space and to avoid trapping too much air in it.

Move on to The Main Tent

1. Spread it flat, on a dry surface free from moisture and unevenness. It’s easy to do this; you only have to pull from the ends until all the tent is in touch with the ground.

2. From one end of the tent’s length, lift the outer part of your tent and move it to the tent’s other end. If you have someone to help you, it’s an easy one step, but if alone, you will have to move over to the other side and do the same. Ensure the ends make are properly aligned.

3. If the tent’s width is bigger than the bag it’s to fit in, fold it again in the same manner. You can measure the bag against the folded tent just to be sure before you start the rolling.

4. Next, it’s now time to do the rolling up of the tent. Start from the side that doesn’t have the door. The rolling will be towards the part with the door, so that the door forms the last part of the roll.

5. Before you start the rolling, take the fly and place it near the end and roll it in until completely swallowed up.

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6. Take the poles and roll them in too. ( their hardness and weight helps to improve the roll to be firm and properly aligned)

7. Take the pegs and roll them in. If you have any other item that goes with your tent, place it on the tent and roll it in.

8. Continue rolling while applying firm pressure to drive out air until you reach the end.

9. Tie up the whole roll, so it doesn’t come undone.

10. Put your folded tent in its bag.

Tips on How to Fold a Tent Easily

  • Flatten your tent as much as possible before folding so it results in a compact fold that will fit in your tent bag easily
  • Tents are different, and the manual that came with your tent would help you to fold the tent in case you get stuck, so keep it within reach
  • Ensure you shake the tent before folding to remove any particles that would become evident while folding, forcing you to unfold the tent to remove them
  • Have someone to help you if possible; it not only simplifies the task, but you will fold it better

Anyone can fold a tent, but how well they do it is what matters. A badly folded tent takes too much space and is likely to trap air, causing mold growth and possible damage.