Best Affordable Tents of 2018 & Buying Guide

There are many people out there who are the leading camp adventures and they love to explore nature. Such people don’t want to miss any chance of camping trip with their family/friends.

However, the thing that is their biggest hurdle is their budget, and all of us are aware of the heavy amount that these camping trips ask for. Are you among those people? Dying to go for camping trips but falling short of a budget?

Then, to ease your problem, here we will discuss important points to consider for keeping your trip within range. For camping, the thing that puts a huge burden on your budget is your tent. Therefore, in this article, we will give a brief guideline that will assist you in purchasing best affordable tents along with the list of recommended best affordable tents. The list includes:

Buying Guide

Here, we will discuss few questions that might arise in the mind when you start searching for, the camping tent. Their answers might help you to get a tent that fulfills all your need while staying within your budget.

Is it worth spending money on tents?

In the market, a huge variety of tents is available with different purposes, size, shapes, colors, price range and with many other dissimilarities. A question usually arrives in the mind that is our tent worthy to spend $$$ on it.

When there is an option to buy a same kind of shelter, then the answer is if you want a good quality tent that can endure heavy winds and changing weather conditions, then yes, these tents worth this much money. Otherwise, you may also get the same kind of tent on low prices too, but it would end up in the troublesome camping experience.

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent

How to cut your budget off while buying a tent?

Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

There are different ways through which you can cut you budget off while still buying a good quality tent that can fulfill all requirements.

  • Usually, lightweight tents are more expensive than those having heavy weight because of durable but heavy material being used. Therefore, if budget is your problem, but no the weight, then you should go for heavy weight tents.

  • Tents with additional qualities, like extra warm or more ventilated, may cost more bucks. Therefore, if you are going on a trip during fair weather, then opt for tents that can maintain a normal temperature. However, during cold weathers, you can also add sleep liners inside your tents rather than buying some super expensive tents that ensure increased warmth.
  • If you are not a frequent camper and planning to go on camping for once in mild temperature, then, a normal quality tent can be purchased rather than buying an expensive tent.
  • If you are planning to spend more of your time in outdoor and very little inside your tent, then low price tent can be considered.
  • Search shapes and size of a tent that is highly appropriate for your needs and lies within your range. A dome-style tent with wide bottom might suit you in such scenario because they can provide better protection against weather as compared to other shapes.
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Which features of the tent can not be overlooked for the sake of money?

In efforts of saving money, you should not forget the real purpose for which you are buying a tent. Few things must be the part of the tent, otherwise buying a tent would have zero benefits.

There are different features, and one such feature is protection. Your tent should be able to protect you from insects, rain, and other harsh weather situations. Another thing is a comfort. 

Suisse Sports Dome Tent

Suisse Sports Dome Tent

You should feel comfortable in your tent, no matter if you are sleeping or not, you should be comfortable with your tent. Additionally, ease of use attribute of the tent should be considered while saving money.

It should not take hours to set up your tent. Not only tent fabric, but other materials like poles material and zippers should be durable and should not break during your trip. Your tent should contain adequate ventilation to prevent condensation.

What attributes can we compromise while having a tent within affordable range?

Having a low budget means you have to compromise. Either, you have to cancel your trip or go for some middle option where you can enjoy your trip without exceeding your budget.

Usually, few sellers give many additional features with your tents to make it a luxurious one. However, that increased features put an immense burden on your budget. 

WEANAS Backpacking Tent

WEANAS Backpacking Tent

Therefore, you should shop your tent wisely, and after extensive research of additional features. Tents usually contain vestibules, gear lofts, additional storage places, awning, and multiple doors in case of multiple person tents. These are few those features that no doubt can add more to your trip. However, if the money is short, then these features can be compromised.

What other cheapest options can one have besides these tents?

Coleman Juniper Lake Tent

Coleman Juniper Lake Tent

If you, in any case, can not afford to have a tent then few other options will no doubt reduce the comfort you might get from tents?

However, they can be used to survive at during camping trips. These options include bivy sacks, hammocks, and tarps. These products are more or less like a tent, but they can give you adequate shelter in affordable price.

What important point to consider to avoid a future loss while spending money on tents?

If you are going to buy it, then don’t forget to check few things in order to avoid any future loss or regret regarding your money. The most important thing is to check after sale services and guarantee of the tent.

Many sellers simply refuse to recognize the customers if they come for any problem with the tent. Therefore, consider going through proper steps and check guarantee that is supposed to be given by a shopkeeper.

Another thing is quality and material. Spend plenty of time in the shop while checking your tent to see any tear or problem. Ty to set up the tent inside the shop to check its ease of use and open-close zip multiple times to ensure their durabilities.there are many other checks that you can perform to ensure your bought tent worth the money you have paid.

How can you get cheapest price tent?

Among us, many people can buy good quality products by spending very low price as compared to their other fellows. Such people are wise, and they use few tricks to get their required things at a low price.

  • Usually, there are many stores present within the same city selling same products. You need to check the price of the same product in different shops. You will become amazed to see how prices vary from stores to stores. Therefore, before spending your money on a tent, try to visit as many shops as you can. You can also ask your friends or relatives to check the price in their city’s shops to check variation and then go for the option with the lowest price.
  • Like all other products, tent sellers also give few offers. Be ready to pick your favorite products.
  • If no other option suits you, then you can also go for the second-hand tent. Such tents need extra care while inspecting as compared to new tents. Check it thoroughly to ensure they are not worn or miserable to give you a comfortable camping experience.
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Top 5 Best Affordable Tents Reviews

Few companies offer tents best quality tent at affordable prices. In this section, the brief details of best affordable tents will be provided.

1. WEANAS Backpacking Tent Review 

WEANAS Backpacking Tent is a four-season dome-style tent that can accommodate two to three people inside it. Its fabric is made up of polyester and poles are made from aluminum material. It is a lightweight tent that weighs only 4 pounds with freestanding style.

Its poles are specially designed to make tent’s interior more spacious. It is rainfly, and the floor is made up of polyester fabrics and contains sealed seams with tapes. Besides these multiple features, this tent comes at affordable price.


  • check
    The tent might be super light tent because of its aluminum poles other lightweight material.
  • check
    The tent is spacious for you due to its specific design of poles.
  • check
    It can be a good option for you to take during all types of weather, because of its highly waterproof, windproof tent material and affordable prices.


  • This tent might catch more winds during heavy winds, because of its dome-style shape along with additional peak height.

This tent can provide you durability in all weathers, along with a good space. Additionally, it can also give you comfort and airy experience because of proper ventilations and that too in affordable price. However, you have to set up it in the proper place to prevent it from catching more winds, as its peak height is more as compared to other dome-style tents.

2. Coleman Juniper Lake Tent Review 

Coleman Juniper Lake Tent is a dome-style freestanding tent that can accommodate up to four people. It comes with pre-attached poles to make its pitching easier. It also possesses side annex that is properly ventilated to provide additional storage place.

Its dimensions are 9 x 7 feet in the interior room, and 7 x 2 feet 4 inches for Annex, its peak height is four ft. 2 inches. This tent comes with single D-style door and two windows that contain meshed panels for ventilation.

The floor is protected with WeatherTec system along with inverted seams to prevent leakage. Its poles are made up of fiberglass material in combination with powder coated steel and fly is manufactured from a polyester material with PU coating. Its floor is tub style to give maximum protection against rain.


  • check
    It might be easiest to pitch this tent because of its pre-attached poles.
  • check
    It can give you exceedingly airy and ventilated experience in affordable price, because of its multiple windows with meshed panels.
  • check
    This tent might allow you to keep windows and doors open during rain, because of the hood style of its rain fly.


  • The tent contains pre-attached rigid poles; they might pull the tent towards its heavier side.
  • Because it contains a single door, this might end up in the chaotic situation while accessing the tent.

3.Mountain Trails South Bend Tent Review 

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent is a dome-style tent that can accommodate up to four people. It is manufactured from polyester fiber along with waterproof coating.

Its poles are made up of shock-corded fiberglass material. It is a compact sports tent that comes with the pin-and-ring system for easy tent pitching. It contains single D-style door for easy access.

The tent possesses Stow ‘n’ duffel system that can prevent time for its installation and pack up. Its dimensions are 9W x 4.3H x 7D. Its additional items include utility pockets, gear loft, and large windows with meshed panels.


  • check
    It might be easy for you to setup this tent, because of its pin-and-ring system.
  • check
    It might be well airy tent option for you, because of its windows with large meshed panels.


  • The tent might be less durable because of its fiberglass poles frame.
  • As it contains a single door, it might make it difficult for four people to access the door.

Besides having few shortcomings like fragile pole material, single door, and low peak height, this tent is a good option to provide easy setup, proper ventilation and water protection in affordable price range.

4. Suisse Sports Dome Tent Review 

Suisse Sports Dome Tent can accommodate three people inside it. It contains a rainfly 600MM coating to make it highly waterproof. Its dimensions are 7ft x 7ft with 48in peak height.

It contains meshed ceilings to provide additional ventilation along with front containing T door. It contains clips that make it setup easy and fast.


  • check
    It is extremely lightweight tent option for you because of its light material and compact style.


  • You might need to check its seam sealing. Otherwise, it may leak badly.
  • As it is a dome-style tent, its zippers might get broken if handled carelessly.

Though unlike other tents, it seems to provide fewer facilities. However, it can be a good option tent to give you proper ventilation, enough space, and easy setup within affordable price range.

5. Alcott Explorer Pup Tent Review 

Alcott Explorer Pup Tent is a dome-style single-person tent. It is manufactured from nylon material along with the base made up of waterproof material.

It further contains five windows with meshed panels to provide additional ventilation. Its dimensions are 32in x 42in x 30in (wide x deep x tall). Its additional item contains four ground stakes and travel bag.


  • check
    It might be an extremely lightweight tent option for you, because of its light material.


  • It might not be able to withstand heavy winds because of its poles.

This tent can give you protection against condensation of the wet floor, along with providing enough ventilation and durability. It also contains few drawbacks, but it is good enough to provide basic facilities within your budget.


So far we have discussed briefly key points to purchase tents within affordable price ranges. Also, we have provided a list of best affordable tents.

These tents are manufactured by reliable brands. After reading all above sections, you might have got a clear picture of buying well-suited tent within your price range, and this is a key of good shopping skills.