Best Motorcycle Tent of 2018 & Buying Guide

Adventure sports are geared up with more and more luxuries with the passage of time. Whether it is camping, bike riding or skydiving, all the adventure lovers could seek for more luxurious products now than ever before.

The new addition to the catalog is the best motorcycle tent that is every biker’s desire. You would want your bike to be protected from heat and rain while you are doing camping.

Hence, this is the job that these tents provide. It is an essential tool to have since it maximizes the comfort and easiness while you are on a camping trip. The main thing to keep in mind with these tents is their weight.

While riding your bike, you will not want a hefty thing loaded at the back. So the weight of these tents is made suitable enough to carry easily. You can pack them in a backpack, so they are compact and easy to carry. Besides this, they allow you to withstand the weather conditions.

No scorching heat, snow or rain could harm you and your bike since these tents are not only waterproof but weather resistant as well. You can have a family trip of camping while these motorbike tents will be there with you protecting you, your family and your bike.

The market has various products developed by various companies. Just to give you a little idea of what you need to look for while buying a tent, we give you a brief guide below.

Here is our best motorcycle tent list;

Buyer’s Guide

Here is a list of queries that can come in any customer’s mind. We have answered these queries so that the customers are satisfied while buying any one of the below-listed products. Keep the basics of the camping and hiking in your mind while buying the tents.

Do the tents vary in size?

Yes, tents vary in size. You can have a tent as big as 12×12 feet and as small as 8×7 feet. 

Check the features of the tent before buying it according to your needs.

Arizona GT Camping Tent

Arizona GT Camping Tent

How many people can accommodate in a tent?

What type of tent is suitable depending upon the weather?

The manufacturers use nylon or polyester material in the making of the outer and inner covering of the tents. 

Both are weather resistant.

NTK INDY GT Outdoor Dome Camping Tent

NTK INDY GT Outdoor Dome Camping Tent

Are the tents safe against insects?

Tents come with the flooring that is hermetically sealed and antifungal as well. 

Mosquito meshes are also available the market that protects against mosquitos.

Coleman Cold Springs 4 Person with Front Porch Dome Tent

Coleman Cold Springs 4 Person with Front Porch Dome Tent

Does the tent come with an assembly guide?

Harley-Davidson Rider’s Motorcycle Tent

Harley-Davidson Rider’s Motorcycle Tent

An assembly guide full of instructions for the customers come along with each tent.

These guides make it easy for you to assemble the tent.

Some tent might have no guide nut they are easy to assemble as well.

How to deal with the moisture and humidity in tents?

Many tents have doors and windows that allow the tent to be ventilated with air properly. Rainfly also allow keeping the tent dry inside. You can have the view of the weather outside through the rainfly.

Where to accommodate my bike in a tent?

A tent usually comes with divisions. In these divisions, there is a bike vestibule for standing the bike. If not, then there is a dome extension for your bike where you can make it stand.

Can I detach the rainfly?

Yes, the rainfly is re-attachable. You can attach it whenever you require it and then detach it for ventilation.

Can I stand inside the tent?

Yes, you can stand and walk around easily. The center of the tents could be as high as 6.5 feet so a very tall person could stand and walk as well without worrying much.

Best Motorcycle Tent Reviews

Here is the list of five recommended timber top tent that can help you to select the tent of your choice.

1.NTK Indy GT XL Outdoor Camping Tent Review 

The best motorcycle tent list would be incomplete without including this camp that has one of the best features. It is better suited for family camping.

It provides an interior space sufficient enough to stand and walk around. The dimensions are 10×12 feet. It can easily accommodate six to eight people.

The Indy series is designed to provide comfort and protection, and it has been doing this job greatly so far. It is 18 pounds in weight so you can carry it easily in a backpack.

It has one door, and the frame is of nano-flex fiberglass rods. The inner and outer material of the tent is polyester laminated with polyurethane. The lining of the floor is with polyethylene.

The tent is a protectant against the rain, snow, fog, heat, and winds. These features make it a very reliable tool to have.


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    The material of the tent is durable and safe.
  • check
    The flooring of the tent is antifungal, so there are no chances of any allergies.
  • check
    You can assemble the tent easily.
  • check
    It is Fireproof and waterproof.


  • The design is not as stable as compared to the other tents available on the market.
  • There are issues of aeration since there is only one door so there is no proper ventilation when you close the door.
  • There are no doors and extra windows.
  • Suitable for cold weather but contraindicated in hot weather.

2.NTK INDY GT Outdoor Dome Camping Tent Review 

Looking for a tent which is suitable for camping in a temperate forest, then this product from NTK Indy will be your choice. The tent comes with a lot of features similar to its predecessor.

It comes with the double layering of polyester coupled with polyurethane. The flooring is antifungal as well and lined with polyethylene. The mosquito meshwork protects you from mosquitos and other insects in the temperate regions and deserts as well.

It is well aerated as well. The framework of the tent has nano-flex fiberglass providing stability and sturdiness in strong winds and storms. The design is elegant as well with 12 pounds weight and 12.8×8 feet dimensions. It is suitable for 4-5 people at most.


  • check
    It has fire retardant and waterproof material
  • check
    The tent has the quality of being weather resistant and insect resistant.
  • check
    The product comes with a rainfly.


  • The product has ventilation issues.
  • The product does not have enough instructions provided with it.

It is a product that has come with a set of best features for the camping geeks. The camp has a great design, is easy to carry, weather resistant, spacious and affordable as well. It is easy to assemble as well hence making it easy for you to put up and take off your tent.

3. Arizona GT Camping Tent Review 

Are you looking for a tent which is wide enough to accommodate a large family or a group of friends as many as 9-10, then Arizona GT is the right tent for you. It is spacious enough with its elegant design.

The rainfly which covers more part of the tent gives a very beautiful view even when it is raining outside, and you have your rainfly as well. The framework is of 100% virgin nano-flex fiberglass providing extra stability to the design.

It is insect and UV-sealed. The material used in the making is polyester lined with polyurethane. The flooring is antifungal as well, made of polyethylene. There are two large D-shaped doors, three windows, and a mosquito meshwork. The center of the tent is about 6.2 feet so you can stand and walk around easily. It is about 26-pounds in weight.


  • check
    It is comparatively light in weight.
  • check
    The tent has covers to protect you in rainy and snowy conditions.
  • check
    The product has Proper ventilation.
  • check
    The tent is easy to assemble.


  • There is a lack of privacy as the tent has no divisions inside.
  • The product is not available in all countries, so shipping problems are occurring.

The best motorbike tents review would have been incomplete without this product. It is one of the best sellers. It is spacious, light in weight, easy to assemble. Besides this, it makes you enjoy your camping to its fullest means due to a wider rainfly.

4.Coleman Cold Springs Dome Tent Review 

Are you looking for extra protection for you and your bike, then your problem is solved easily with this product from Coleman. Coleman cold springs four person tent is one of the products that allow you to have a quality time with your family in the wild while having an extra extension to protect your bike and you.

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The tent is of Poly-guard polyester. It comes with an 8oomm rainfly. The tent is has a D-shaped door. It has four fiberglass poles making it stable and sturdy. The dimensions of the tent are 192×8450 inches. It is quite spacious, providing privacy to your family.

It is weather resistant, making sure that no rainwater gets in it while it is storming outside. No water can seep through the floor.  Moreover, the flooring is antifungal and anti-hermetic.


  • check
    You can have a calm sleep while hiking and camping due to its weather resistant features.
  • check
    It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • check
    The product has a removable rain fly.
  • check
    The tent is affordable and light in weight.


  • The rainfly is short in dimensions.
  • The ventilation could have been better with a couple of more windows.
  • It is not stable enough.

Coleman has a big name in this industry, and its products are reliable as well. This one has come with the best features with weather resistance, extended dome, rainfly and spacious interior. It is a good choice to make if you are traveling with a smaller group of friends.

5.Harley-Davidson Rider’s Motorcycle Tent Review 

Harley-Davidson is known for its motorbikes all around the globe. Therefore, the motorcycle tent that this company provides comes with some astounding features as well.

It is made of nylon and is 12-pounds in weight so you can carry it easily. It has two doors to provide easy entry and exit. The ventilation depends upon them majorly. The tent is 8×7 feet in dimensions.

It has a motorbike vestibule for your bike as well. The rainfly is wide enough and gives protection in the rain. It gives quite clear visibility even when it is raining outside. The frame is of 14 aluminum stakes.


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    It is spacious enough to accommodate a bike along with four people.
  • check
    The product is weather resistant and waterproof.
  • check
    It is easy to assemble.
  • check
    The tent has a shock absorbing frame.


  • More windows will improve the ventilation.
  • It does not come with any assembling manual.

Harley-Davidson is a very well known brand with brand loyalty from around the globe. It is a good tent to have of you are going hiking with a group of friends. It is affordable and easy to carry as well. One of the key features is the shock absorbance and weather resistance. Hence it is one of the best tents to have.


While writing the best motorcycle tent review, we have considered all necessary information that you want to have while choosing a tent for your trip. The features, pros, and cons are explained above so that you have enough idea about the product that you are going to buy. Keep your comfort and needs in your mind while choosing any tent. Luxury is an important feature, but comfort is more important so choose the one for yourself wisely and carefully.