Best Coleman Tent Reviews of 2018 & Buying Guide

Camping is one of our favorite activities for summer. It is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air in summer and reconnect with your loved ones. It does not matter whether you are planning a picnic with family or hiking plan with friends, you need a tent at any cost.

As camping is incomplete without a tent, the tent is a home away from home. Here we will show you a list of best Coleman tent that can work out for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Reason to choose best Coleman Tent?

Coleman tents are the most consistently selling products with a good rating from the customers. Hence making them a desirable choice when it comes to buying a tent.

In a very short time, the company had brought about great innovation in their products which make them worth buying. The customers are also very satisfied from all over the world thus the product has high ratings.

These tents are very comfortable and cozy and can accommodate about ten people at a time. These tents are very easy to set up and provide the most secure protection against bad weather.

What size should I prefer before purchasing a best Coleman tent?

The smallest available Coleman tent is for three persons. The largest Coleman tent is for ten to twelve people.

The prices of the tents vary according to size. The smallest tent is very small in size. The slightly larger tent is about fifty-seven square feet in size. Users love it for its affordable price and unique design.

Coleman 2000018295 Instant Tent

Coleman 2000018295 Instant Tent

Which key features must I prefer before purchasing a Coleman tent?

Coleman Montana Tent

Coleman Montana Tent

There are many features that the tent has to offer. Following are few features which you should consider before buying a Coleman tent:

  • The height of the tent:

You must choose the height of the tent according to your needs. Look for tall peak heights of the tent so that you may easily stand to change clothes. Moreover, some tents are not suitable for tall people.

  • The Tent Pole:

The pole of the tent will let you know how hard the structure of the tent is. If your tent has few poles, it means it is very easy to setup and vice versa. Poles are very important in a tent as it helps to balance the tent in bad weathers. You must go for aluminum poles rather than fiberglass poles because they are more durable and stronger.

What purpose does rainfly serve?

What are the benefits of Interior Loops and Pockets?

An interior loop is very useful in a tent. It is at the center top of the tent for hanging different items such as a lantern. It can further be used on the interior walls of the tent to place small useable items.

In the same, you can use the pockets to keep other daily use items and let the tent remain organized. In some tents, the loops and pockets are placed outside the body of the tent to attach some guidelines.

Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent

Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent

What are the other optional tent accessories?

Coleman Echo Lake with Cabinets

Coleman Echo Lake with Cabinets

Some other optional tent accessories include:

  • Footprints

You use this item separately. It is an additional tent item for those who prefer using it. Sometimes you find the floor of the tent rough and dirty. You can use the footprint to replace the floor of the tent. The sizes of the footprints are available according to your tent dimensions.

  • Gear Loft:

If you wish to keep items off the tent floor, then you must purchase this gear loft. This optional item is very useful in taking out larger things and making more room in the tent.

Why is ventilation important for the tent?

Mesh panels usually, cover the doors and windows. It helps to show enhanced views, and it also manages the condensation. If you are using the tent in the hot and humid climate, you must go for a large mesh panel.

What are the benefits you get from using this tent?

These tents are very comfortable, and the can be hooked up where ever you want the camping. If it is too hot, it will provide you protection from the heat, and if the weather is rainy, it will make sure that you remain dry.

Because of the ideal height of tents, you need not worry about bumping your head on the roof of the tent.  Our customers never stop pointing out the fact that it is very easy to setup.

Best Coleman Tent Reviews

1.Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent Review 

Coleman Weather Master 10 person gives you a feeling of house more than a tent. It is because of its unique features of extra space in the tent. This tent has two room tents which provide enough space for relaxation.

You can easily get in and out of the tent with two doors. Its ventilation system allows you to customize the cooling and heating comfort zone according to your desire in the best thing about this tent. If heavy rainfall is going on, it will not let the water inside the tent.

It makes sure that you are all dry even if you keep the door open. Three king size beds can easily fit in this tent. When you finish camping, you can easily fold the tent like a bag and carry it.  It is mostly suitable for campgrounds, and you can also use it when the weather is clear.

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  • check
    It has a double door for easy access.
  • check
    You can adjust the ventilation system according to your preference.
  • check
    The product comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Because of its large size, you usually take up more time to set the tent.
  • You need about three to four people to help you assemble the tent.
  • Chances are there that the temperature inside the tent can be lower as compared to the temperature outside the tent.

It is a great tent for every weather. The flexible poles make it best for windy weathers. Its plus points overshadow the negative ones. Its special features include the vent on the roof for ventilation. It also can work on bad and changed weathers.

2. Coleman Montana Tent Review 

Are you looking for a more dependable tent with the latest feature? Then this tent is one of the best choices for you. The manufacturer of the brand is a reliable company which has many satisfied customers all around the world. The system installed can control the temperature inside the tent.

It makes sure that you are comfortable inside the tent. Usually, the tents are not of a great height which makes the taller campers uncomfortable. The fabric of the tent is waterproof. The tents can easily fit in your car, and you can also enjoy its portability. Therefore all these qualities make this tent a favorable option for you.


  • check
    From its very first look, you will not resist yourself from falling in love with its design. One can also enjoy the additional space in the porch.
  • check
    The spacious interior makes you comfortable along with your family and friends,
  • check
    Assembling of the tent is very easy, and you can enjoy its portability after camping.


  • The material of the floor of the tent is very thin.
  • If you are using the full capacity space, then the tent might be a bit uncomfortable for everyone.

Despite its pros and cons its commendable design and the homey feel makes it worth buying. It provides a ton of benefits to you. Besides few setbacks, it is one of the best tents out in the market that you can buy. Moreover, you will not regret buying this tent.

3.Coleman 2000018295 Instant Tent Review 

One of the easiest and simple tents of Coleman is the Coleman 2000018295 eight-person instant tent. It is the best tent to accommodate about eight people. The tent has welded floors, and the walls are also thick.

If you want the best camping this year, then this is a help to fulfill your desire. The setup time is also very short. It has two rooms available with unique window and door designs. The instant features of this tent are very innovative.


  • check
    The tent is available at an affordable price.
  • check
    Provides privacy to the whole camping group in its spacious space,
  • check
    This tent is not bulky or heavy to carry


  • It can come down quickly if not fixed properly.
  • Adjusting the stakes can be time-consuming.

4.Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent Review 

If you want a car camper tent or long trips, you can go for this as it is very easy to setup and easy to carry. Its spacious interior allows four persons to adjust in the tent.

Coleman four-Person Evanston Tent is considered the best choice for first-time campers. You can easily use them for two to three seasons. These tents are not only dependable but well trusted. It provides protection against storms and rain. Its features include many durable materials.


  • check
    Its aluminum poles make it stronger to stand in every weather conditions.
  • check
    This tent comes with a different ventilation of mesh doors and window panels.
  • check
    The small pockets in the tents allow you to keep your flashlight, books, and other items safety.


  • The tent poles are pre-attached which can sometimes come out in bad weather.
  • The rain fly does not fully support the screened porch.

Because of its large height, you will not feel cramped inside hence giving you ease while using the tent. The market price of this tent is far less than other tents in the market. One can enjoy its benefits at very low cost.

5.Coleman Echo Lake with Cabinets Review 

Coleman Echo Lake 8 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinets comes with the features of cabinets for extra storage while camping. This tent has a peaked roof to protect you from rain and strong winds.

As it is wind resistance, people prefer buying it when camping in hilly areas. This 8 enabled people tent is set up in a matter of no time. The reattached poles are the reasons for its durability and flexibility.

To enhance the greater visibility for you in the dark it has additional Illumiline reflective guy lines. It ensures to give you full protection during bad weather. Its feature will make your camping more fun to remember.


  • check
    The product works well in strong winds and heavy rain.
  • check
    It has an additional pole to give extra height.
  • check
    The tent is very simple to set up and take down in minutes.


  • The product has more guy lines than other products.
  • You will find that this product has less ventilation than others.
  • The tent has only one door.

Although there are some problems with this tent, still it is considered best for a family camping its interior pockets and loops make it worth buying. The manufacturer has made the tent with great care and innovative features. Although this tent comes with built in cabinets but still there, it does not hold extra weight. This tent is becoming the most preferred choice of most of the families.


There is always two sides of the coin; there is few negative but mostly positive response related to these products. Coleman tents come with high quality and durability. Hence, One of these is going to be part of your next trip. So far we have discussed each best Coleman tent for all the seasons at just an affordable price. If you want to enjoy your camping trip, then Coleman tents are recommended for your next trip.