Best Cabin tents of 2018 & Buying Guide

The design of camping tents has improved vastly over time. The change of the design is usually due to the increased demand for tents from adventurous families.

The days when we use to rely on musty-smelling cotton canvas tents are gone. The modern tents come in compact designing and are light in weight.  The significant improvement has also made them weather and water resistant. Most cabin tents provide huge space for the family to enjoy camping.

Some cabin tents have additional doors on the either side except the main door. The manufacturers sell them at very cheap rates compared to the functions and quality they provide. The cabin tent promises for the best quality service and durability. We know that selecting the appropriate cabin tent among all the competitors is a time-consuming and a difficult task.

To make the final decision of purchasing much easier we have some listed some of the best cabin tents points that would help you to pen down your purchasing decision.

Buying Guide

How much sleeping capacity matters while is purchasing one of the best cabin tents?

Sleeping capacity is the most important feature you must take in your notice before selecting a cabin tent. There needs to be enough room inside the tent for people to rest in them peacefully.

Go for a tent model that warmly accepts an additional person than the required number of people in the group. As we know that every person is of different shape and size, the tent will not appears as per person dimension. If your group members consist of six members, you must go for the tent that can easily accommodate eight members.

Is division of tents according to the seasonality?

The camping tent has divisions according to the seasons. The common tents preferred by most of the customers is the three season’s tent. Most people prefer camping in spring or summers.

These tents are light in weight and cannot stand by in strong winds and rainy weather. The design of three & four season tent is used for three seasonal when the temperature of the atmosphere is at the extreme.

The mesh material used in manufacturing this tent makes it an excellent tent for people who camp in late fall. On the other hand, four season tent is for the worst weather conditions such as snowstorms and heavy rainfall.

Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent

Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent

What must be the ideal height and Length of the floor?

How must any doors be preferred in a tent?

You should try to choose a tent with multiple doors. 

Having multiple doors will reduce the problem to crawl over other family members and go to washroom breaks at midnight.

Coleman Tenaya Lak Cabin Tent

Coleman Tenaya Lak Cabin Tent

What must material is better for the cabin tent?

The cabin tent must be made up of durable and high-quality material. The material must be durable so that the tent can easily stand in all outdoor climates.

The cabin tent should be water resistant so that water does not flow inside the tent. The design must be compact and innovative. Screen space must also be there which will protect the campers from insects and give a clear view of the surrounding.

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

How must the ventilation of the tent be done?

CORE Instant Cabin Tent

CORE Instant Cabin Tent

The ceilings, windows, and doors of the cabin tent contain a material known as a mesh which is breathable and light in weight.

This material makes the tent more ventilated during the hot days of summer. After having an n adventurous day, all a camper needs is a humid and airy environment in the camp.

What material of the poles must be selected?

Without instructions, the setting of the cabin tent can be confusing. After sensing this issue, the companies have manufactured free standing tents. The advantage of these free standing tents is that they can easily be placed from one space to another before adjusting them into the ground.

Other than this you can use small poles which make the assembling of the tent very easy and simple. Aluminum poles are preferred more than the fiberglass poles.

Best Cabin tents Reviews

1.Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent Review 

One can easily set the three division tent in minutes. It is one of the best camping product which is available in the market perfectly suitable for the family.

The structure of the cabin tent is aimed to cater the weather technology so that you can easily enjoy the weather with the suitable walls and floors. You can easily fix three queen size bed in the tent and still have space.

This Ozark Trail tent for ten persons come in a zipped bag for easy portability during traveling. The floors and the seam prevent the moistness from entering the interior.


  • check
    You can rearrange the pre-assembled poles for a quick assembly of the tent.
  • check
    The reliable material protects the tent from all sort of weather.


  • There is a few complaint about the zipper hence decreasing its reliability.
  • The product is not perfectly waterproof.
  • The height of the product is not ideal.

Keeping the negatives at a side this tent is excellent for camping especially if you are traveling with the family as it provides privacy to everyone. Moreover, you can enjoy your time while camping as it gives you many facilities.

2. CORE Instant Cabin Tent Review 


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    Coating of the product is of polyurethane material.
  • check
    It has a lower zipper which helps to keep the tent ventilated.
  • check
    The tent is water resistant. Hence you need not worry about getting wet.
  • check
    The product has a unique design and durability.


  • You cannot stand in extremely windy conditions for a longer time.

The rain fly of the tent maximizes the protection from the rain when the weather is cloudy. The mesh on the roof and ground vent allows the fresh air to come in the tent and make the atmosphere fresh. We recommend this product to people who are looking for tents letting them breathe in the fresh air.

3. Wenzel Klondike Tent Review 

This tent is made up of weather-repellent polyester with polyurethane coating. It also has an attached screen room which allows you to get the view of outside.

The measurements of this tent are about 16×6.5×11 ft. Moreover, almost eight campers can have a peaceful sleep in this tent. The screen room attached to the tent protect you from the mosquitoes in summers, and at the same time, it offers you outdoor views as well.

The screened section has multiple functions such as it functions like a sun room and the second sleeping space. The big windows and the doors help to elevate the ventilation system.

The roof is made up of a breathable mesh material which helps to keep the fresh air inside the tent all the time. It is a great choice because it does not add additional weight to your luggage.


  • check
    The screen offers the best view room outside while keeping the mosquitoes away from inside the tent.
  • check
    Its interior prevents the water from invading inside the tent.
  • check
    Big enough to fit at least three queen size beds in the tent.


  • The height is not comfortable for taller people.
  • Customers have also complained about the pole breaking.

This polyester fabric tent seems to be water resistant and durable. This tent is suitable for a group of people on adventures in bad weather. It eliminates the stuffy air from them and let fresh air inside the camp. You can reinforce the floors of the then, and we would recommend you to lay down a trap underneath so that all the unwanted moisture is away from the tent. All of these qualities make the tent a must have for your camping trip.

4. Coleman Instant Tent Review 

Another suitable cabinet tent is the Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent. The tent is available at an affordable price. The company gives enough variety according to your desires and requirements.

It is a spacious tent that can accommodate about eight people at a time. It can be assembled very quickly in no time even by people who have no camping experience. The poles come pre-attach which makes the assembling more easy and simple.

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The tent has a good ventilation system. The doors in this tent are perfect for those people who are constantly coming and going inside the tent. This tent comes with a rain fly that is responsible for providing adequate weather protection. The floors of the tent also keep out the moistness from the tent.  

If you have large camper group and larger pieces of gear, then I bet this is the best choice for you to have.


  • check
    It is the lightest eight-person model tent available.
  • check
    Your extra hunting gears can easily fit in the tent,
  • check
    The product helps to keep the moisture away.


  • The poles may often break, hence making it unreliable.
  • It may not prove to be water resistant.

It is a simple a spacious tent that can be setup in no matter of time. The windows in the tent are perfect for a cool breeze to come in. It is recommended to go for the zipped windows as they will prevent the raindrops from falling in the tent.

5.Coleman Tenaya Lak Cabin Tent Review 

This Coleman eight-person Tenaya Cabin tent is roomy and just perfect for long road trips. It is considered a framed tent which comes along all the assembled pieces of the tent. You simply need to unfold the poles and extend them.

The poles are of different colors to easily assemble the tent. This waterproof tent can easily stand in the heavy rain and bad weather. The tent offers you with a zippered divider for privacy. You can also make a queen size mattress fit inside the tent and still have space to move around.

This tent also includes a gauze shelf and a rod for hanging clothes.  It is well known to keep the rain out from the tent.


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    You can quickly assemble the tent.
  • check
    It is suitable for tall people.
  • check
    The tent is one of the most organized tents.


  • The additional gear items may create mess some ties.
  • The zipper may cause some problem.

This tent comes with an included rain fly.  Each of its walls contains a mesh window which has proper zips for privacy purposes. Its build quality and performance makes it a great choice for campers. The tent has ample space for you to carry on your activities. Plus you need not worry about everyone not fitting in the tent.


The sheer functionality and durability of these best cabin tents are enough to get you on outdoor activities and adventures. You should keep in mind the factors mentioned above while purchasing and enjoying in tents. If your tent does not hold integrated round sheet, then it must throw an extra ground strap on the floor to cover the ground from sharp objects.

A single door in a tent is sufficient but while traveling with the family multi-doors will work more efficiently. Some tents come with rainfly, but some don’t. You can get this extra accessory so that it may help to protect you from dew and rain. By looking at their functionality, we can conclude that the cabinet mentioned above tents are fairly affordable and they are a must have product for you.