Best 8 Person Tents Reviews of 2017 & Unlimited Buying Guides

Many people prefer to go for camping in their vacations. Camping is fascinating, but it can turn out to be a bad experience if you have chosen the wrong tent for you. The tent you are carrying may look good and seem to provide enough space, but this is not all you need when you are away from home with your family and friends. We are here with a complete guide with the view to assist you to pick one of the best 8 person tents for your family.






Best Overall

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent


2nd Choice

Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent


3rd Choice

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent


4th Choice

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


5th Choice

Coleman 8 Person Cabin Tent with Closet


Buying Guide:

You may come across various types of eight-person tent, but not all of them can meet all your needs. Choosing a right tent is important whether you are a first-time camper or you want an upgraded tent. To fend off any annoyance during your camping, you need to know what you should expect from your tent.

How many numbers of people “eight person tent” can accommodate?

Do not expect from eight person tent to accommodate exactly eight members. If a tent is for four-person tent, it does not mean that four individuals can easily fit in. Four person tent would mean that four people can tightly fit the tent without any room for your other stuff.

Similarly, four to five people would be able to stay in eight person tent comfortably with the extra storage space. You would be able to set two queen mattresses or one queen or two small mattresses.

Some eight person tent brands claim to hold up to eight camper without feeling congested. Such a tent might be a great option if you are four or five in number but check for space by yourself if the seller is claiming to provide room for exactly eight persons.

Is the material well-suited for weather conditions?

The Material of tent can be different for dissimilar weather conditions. Some tents are specifically made for mild weather condition and are of light weight making them not suitable for snow.

The material of some tents has the capability to stand various weather conditions. Some tents like three season tent would be able to provide protection against harsh weathers like heavy winds and rain. Hence pick the tent carefully as the weather changes rapidly. You should know how your tent would treat you if suddenly a storm arises.

How much time does it take to build up?

Your tent should not take hours just to set up. You should have an idea regarding how much time will it take you to set the tent and how many people will be required to set it up. Latest tents these days does not require much effort.

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Take a proper guide from a company person so that you do not have to waste most of your camping time just on putting up the tent. Follow the instruction properly to save time. The place of camping also determines the choice of the tent that you will take.

Is the material waterproof?

Ability to be waterproof is an important feature that a tent must possess. You never know when rain hits your campsite and spoil the fun by getting you and all your stuff soggy. Your tent should serve its purpose well by keeping you and your stored things safe.

So check the tent material foremost. You should not expect all the tents to be waterproof as some cheap quality material fail to provide what they claim.

With the material of the body, quality of poles and zips should also be remarkable. Poles are responsible for the good or bad hold of the tent. It should not let the heavy wind take the tent with it.

Is the floor durable?

A strong and durable floor would be able to protect your belongings if bad weather seeps into your tent. The flooring of the tent must have the ability to keep clothes, food items, and your mattresses safe from the ground.

Moreover, you can also buy footprints with your tent that are designed to put under your tent to provide extra safety. Therefore it also protects the tent from scuffing. You campsite site may have rough ground especially if you are planning to go hiking.

In this case, the enduring floor is essential. Some companies offer footprints with their product, and you have to pay extra for them.

Does it have racks or storage pockets to store my stuff?

You carry a lot of things when want to stay overnight far from your home. Keeping your stuff arranged is necessary because you cannot let your thing occupy half of your tent space.

To See if the tent provides enough storage space to keep your stuff and extra racks for food items while choosing a tent. Don’t overlook these feature as you need them the most when you fail to manage so many things in a single tent.

Does it provide ventilation?

The tents that do not have vents can make your bedding damp, and there is condensation all over the tent.

Therefore, when you are awake in the morning, you find yourself all wet. Your tent needs ventilation especially when you decide to camp in summers.

Always look for the tent that can provide you with the feature of ventilation with the rain fly. Vents should be well-placed to minimize the condensation problem during camping.

Does it have any mechanism to control bugs?

You might find bugs around your campsite. Bugs are small but they can give your kids goosebumps and can destroy the edible items if they enter your tent. Your tent should provide you with the rest area bug-free.

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Bugs are almost found everywhere where your campsite is grassy, or it is some hilly area. Get your hands on the tent that can keep the bugs at bay. The design of these tents is in the way that keeps all expected entry points sealed so that nasty buds do not find any place to enter. When you look for the best 8 person tent, it should necessarily have this feature with all other attributes.


Top 5 Product Reviews:

We are here with some choices of 8 person tent that can assist you to pick the one that can meet your expectations.

1. Coleman 8 Person Cabin Tent with Closet:

This eight-person cabin tent comes with fast pitch system and pre-attached poles. It comes up with built-in closet, racks and hanging bars. Its snag-free c makes it easy to build up. It provides you with the feature of water resistance with its WeatherTec system. Room divider, hinder door and wheeled carry bag are some other features it offers to make your trips extra special.


  • Its built-in closet and hanging bars let you organize your clothes and gears.
  • The product has a room divider helps you keep some privacy.
  • The weather tech system and welded flour make it water resistant.
  • Moreover, it is easy to set up.
  • You can easily fit the tent in the wheeled carry bag when heading back to home.


  • It has room for two queen mattresses, but you are not left with space for anything else if you have kids with you and decide to fit one queen and two small mattresses.

This tent provides you all major essential features. Its beautiful design makes it possible for you to enjoy even if bad weather strikes you. The water resistant feature will not let all your stuff go damp, hence making your trips tension free.

2. Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent

This easy to assemble tent provides the space for eight persons. It comes up with two rooms with moveable divider, two doors, and seven windows. Its WeatherTec system gives you waterproof walls and welded floor. Moreover, it has the center height of almost 6.5 feet.


  • It takes one minute or less to set up.
  • The tent has seven windows hence it provides full ventilation.
  • The adjustable divider helps you create two rooms.


  • The product does not provide built-in closet and extra racks.
  • It does not have the wheeled carry bag with it.

This option is an easy-to-go if you are conscious about the ventilation system of your tent. The seven windows would work to avoid condensation. The tent comes with adjustable dividers hence giving you privacy.

3. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent:

It can accommodate eight campers; this tent has guaranteed WeatherTec system. The cool- air port and variflo adjustable venting system help you adjust the level of airflow in the tent. Moreover, its adjustable dividers can create three room. Shock-corded poles are easy to set, and they give the tent a beautiful shape.

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  • Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent has an adjustable venting system lets you control the airflow.
  • The dividers allow you to create three rooms with privacy.
  • Waterproof design is always helpful in rough weather conditions.
  • The product offers storage bag for tent


  • It does not come with closet and extra storage space.
  • The center height is lower than the other discussed tents.

The space it provides is enough to hold up to 8 persons without getting squeezed. Despite its drawbacks, it could be a great deal if you are not taking a lot of things along. Its adjustable venting system might influence you to go for this option.

4. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent:

This Wenzel Klondike tent provides room for eight. It has interior space of ninety-eight square feet and a screen room with the walls all zipped up. Furthermore, a roof and two windows designed with mesh keep the bugs and mosquitoes out and let the air flow through the tent. Double-stitched, lap-felled seams keep it safe from water. It also includes to hanging pockets to provide you extra storage space.


  • Its fiberglass frames increase stability in high wind.
  • The product provides extra storage space.
  • You can use screen rooms as picnic room, a gear room, and as a shelter.
  • Moreover, the tent helps to keeps the bugs away.



  • It does not have an adjustable room divider.

This tent is very spacious hence providing space for many people. Moreover, it offers plenty of space and its structure lets you use it for multi purposes. This product one can be ranked number one in the list of eight-person tents.

5. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent:

This polyester made Coleman Montana tent come with specially-angled windows that do not let the rain come in even if the window is open. Its electrical access port allows you keep electrical devices with you even during rain.


  • Specially-angled windows keep the rain out
  • The electrical access port can support your appliances like an electrical kettle.
  • The tent has waterproof body
  • It has small pockets for your gears.


  • The product has no divider to create a separate room.

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent would be a great choice for camping in windy hills. You can go for this tent if you enjoy privacy as it comes with a divider. Hence it is quite affordable for those who might get the budget problem.


Above discussed reviews might have helped you find one of the best 8 person tents. The options we have picked allows you go through various features a perfect tent should have. Moreover, each of the five tents provides features that would make you camping experience worthwhile. You can now compare the provided information on various options and pick the right one that suits you and your family well.