Best 6 person tents Reviews of 2018 & Buying Guide

The experience of going out on camping or adventures with a family or a group of friends always proves to be a most memorable and wonderful experience of anyone’s life.

However, to make this experience a worth remembering, one should plan a trip with full preparation along with all necessities to avoid any mishaps. This prep usually gets started from the place to stay outdoor, i.e. from buying a suitable tent.

Unlike one or two person tent, you can not simply accumulate whole family or friends’ group in one single tent. Rather, six person tents should contain some distinct features and attributes to let everyone enjoy their personal space.

To buy a perfect tent for a whole group is a challenging task and to ease your problem, a guideline regarding basic features of six person tents along with the recommendation of few tents has been given.

Buying Guide:

Buying a tent without knowing about its basic features and details can be a very tricky thing, and at the same time it can end up in buying tents that are useless for you.

That is why it is important to know all basic stuff before going to shop anything. Here, we have provided a brief guideline with the answers to all possible questions that you might have regarding best six person tents.

How a 6 person tent different from others and why do I need it?

Six person tents are different from other tents in the term of having a capacity of six people. There is also a possibility to accommodate seven people inside too, but that may cause in comfort for all people.

Therefore, its number is restricted to 6 so that all can easily get inside it with their normal position rather than getting stuck inside the tent. Six or less than six number of people can easily enjoy spending time and sleeping inside this tent.

Weather Master Coleman Elite Tent

Weather Master Coleman Elite Tent

Six person tents are different from other tents regarding their few attributes to make them comfortable and worth staying for a group of six people. Six person tent shows extreme durability during harsh weather allows movements inside the tent, and they are also highly comfortable.

You will need this six people tent in a case of camping out with the family, and you want to get together for the night in the same tent. These tents allow sidewise movements, turning and different sleeping positions easily.

Besides families and friends group, you might also need this tent if you want to take a  lot of equipment and luggage with you as single or two person tent do not allow much space to store all equipment sand tools. Furthermore, you might also need this tent in a case you feel suffocated or constricted inside single or two person tents.

What features can make six people tent a comfortable choice?

  • Double wall feature can work for the family to provide complete covering and protection
  • Having five or more people inside the same tent asks for a lot of ventilation, and it can be achieved through using large meshed panels both at walls, doors, and windows.
  • On the whole, the material used in the six-person tent should be sturdy and reliable.

How six person tents differ in size from other tents?

The size of 6 person tent varies from brand to brand and from one model to another. However, usually, it can be somewhere between 80 to 160 sq. Ft and central height may vary from 4 ft. to 7 ft.

This is and estimated size and tents with smaller and larger height, and widths are also available. The size of 6-person tent can also be estimated from the fact that in backpackers an average person should get 15 square feet to live comfortably.

Weather Master Coleman Screened Tent

Weather Master Coleman Screened Tent

However, as family needs more space for some fun activities and easy movement, therefore, in a family tent 25 to 30 square feet should be available for each average-sized person (exclude kids). However, you should keep in mind the fact that larger the floor area of the tent greater will be its price.

What is a good layout/compartments number for six person tent?

Unlike backpacking tent or other tents, when you decide to buy a 6-person family tent, then you should also consider the number of bedrooms/compartments you need inside the tent. Rather than just people accommodation.

Usually, those tents having more number of compartments offer more space. However, a number of compartments may vary from family to family depending on a number of kids and adults in the family. For kids, it is preferable to have a compartment side by side the parents’ compartment that can be unzipped easily too.

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome with Screenroom

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome with Screenroom

However, if you have teenagers or adults, then you should buy a tent with the layout offering more privacy to each of them. There are few tents available that can offer separate sleeping pods within a bedroom. Tents with two bedrooms are usually a good choice.

What other things to consider while buying a six person tent?

Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent with LED Light System

Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent with LED Light System

Besides being spacious, weather resistant, and comfortable, the six-person tent should be easy to set up. As having trouble or difficulty in setting up a tent can destroy the pleasure of a trip, therefore, easy setup should be given highest priority.

No doubt, a six-person tent can be heavier to carry and take a packed space as compared to other backpacking tents. However, this does not mean that these tents can take the whole space or can look like a giant ball. Therefore, it is also important to see the packed size of a six-person tent.

The other important factor that should be considered is 6-person tents’ highest durability. They need to be extra durable as they are supposed to allow free movement inside the tent that can put a strain on the walls of the tent. Furthermore, to enjoy a tidy and clean camping experience, storage spaces and vestibule should also be considered while buying such tents.

Why is a 6-person tent better than a large tent?

6-person tents are more economical as compared to the larger tent as you can buy two 6-person tents at a price of one large tent. Additionally, it ensures the privacy of all people and can endure harsh wind better than large tents.

Best 6 person tents Reviews

To help you out in getting a suitable six-person tent for you family camping, we have presented a list of best six person tents along with their brief detailing.

1.Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent with LED Light System Review 

Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent has manufactured from polyester taffeta 75D flysheet and contains built-in LED lights. These lights can be set in three different modes according to user requirement and can recharge through 6 cartridge or four D cell batteries.

This 6-person tent contained auto-roll windows and patented hinged door. Auto-roll windows open up neatly on unzipping, and hinged door is made for easy access.

The height of this dome-style tent is six ft, and the interior is 12 ft x 10 ft that can easily accommodate six people. Additionally, it comes with patented welded floors with seams, rain flies, and meshed roof. Its poles are made up of fiberglass material with clips and continuous pole sleeves for easy and sturdy tent set up.


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    It includes built-in lightening system and many other facilities to provide you a comfort like home.
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    It is easy to keep insects out of the tent because of its hinged door and overlapping door flap.
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    The tent is quite ventilated because of its airflow control system through a cooler port, privacy vent window, and electrical access port.
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    The color coded poles along with continuous poles sleeves can help you to easy set up this tent along with getting durable services.
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    It can help you to open windows instantly because of its auto-roll window feature.


  • As this tent contains a single door, it can be a problem for you to access the tent while having six people inside.
  • As poles are made up of fiberglass material, it can result in reduced durability of a tent.
  • It lacks compartments.

Besides having few drawbacks, this tent can be proved as a good option for you if you want to enjoy well-lit, well-ventilated and comfortable tent option with all people gathered at one place.

2.Weather Master Coleman Elite Tent Review 

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Tent is made up of polyester taffeta 75D imported materials along with built-in illuminated wall switch that can be set at three different light modes. The tent contains patented welded floors and inverted seams to prevent leakage.

It also includes screen room that helps in keeping bugs outside the tent. It comes with hinged door and auto-roll windows. Ventilation is provided through meshed roof walls.

The tent contain poles made up of fiberglass material along with continuous sleeves to provide sturdy set up. Additional items include welcome mat, storage areas, air flies, electrical access port, vented cool airport, and clips to pitch a tent. Its height is six ft. 8 in from center and 11 x 9 ft interior area along with 9 x 6 ft screen room.


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    The built-in wall laminations can make it a more comfortable choice.
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    It can be highly durable and sturdy tent because of its coated polyester fiber and poles with continuous sleeves set up.
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    It can make you feel home-like experience because of its hinged door.


  • The non-freestanding style can make it a bit difficult to set up this tent.
  • Its fiberglass pole material can make it less durable

3.Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome with Screenroom Review 

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch tent is a dome-style tent along with sunscreen room to keep bugs outside the tent. It contains a meshed window for ventilation. It comes with pre-attached poles to help in easy setup.

Its guylines are illumined reflective that gives visibility at night. It contains Exclusive Weathertec system to keep tent safe from storms. This tent is 5 feet 8 inches in height, and interior space is 10 ft x 14 ft.


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    The tent is incredibly easy to use by six persons because of its pre-attached tent poles feature.
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    It can be highly durable tent option because of its exclusive weathertec system.


  • You may not be able to stand straight inside the tent if your height is greater or equal to 5 ft 8 in.
  • Its single door can interrupt people while accessing the tent.
If you want a tent with extremely easy setup, while compromising its peak height, then this tent can be proved as a good option for you.

4.Weather Master Coleman Screened Tent Review 

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person tent is manufactured from polyester fiber. Its fly is made up of 75-denier polyester taffeta, and inner tent mesh is made from 68-denier polyester. It contains Weathertec system to protect the tent from extreme weather conditions.

It contains two separate rooms for six sleepers and one screened room. Its peak height is six ft 10 in, and interior space is 17 x 9 ft. It comes with additional items of the electric access port, color coded poles, privacy vent window, and clips.


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    The tent can provide you great privacy option because of its two separate rooms.
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    It might prove as a highly ventilated tent option for you because of its floor free screen room.
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    It can allow you to move easily inside the tent because of its 6 ft 10 in peak height.


  • The poles are made up of fiberglass material that can reduce its durability.
  • It can be heavy because of dense material used in its manufacturing.

By looking at all its features, this tent can be proved as a great option. Besides being quite heavy and a bit tough to set up.

5. Sundome 6 Person Tent Review 

Sundome 6 Person Tent is made up of polyester fiber along with coating to make it waterproof. It can accommodate six sleepers, and its peak height is six ft.

It is a dome-styles tent with a single door and rear hooded window to ensure ventilation and keep rain water out of the tent. Its additional items include continuous pole sleeves construction, electric access AC port, clips and additional storage.


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    It can be a good ventilating tent for you because of its meshed panel and meshed rear window.
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    The peak height is enough to let you move freely inside the tent.


  • Its single door can make it difficult for you to access the tent
  • Freestanding style and fiberglass poles can make it less durable tent option.

Besides its drawbacks, it is a well- ventilated and spacious tent for you that can easily accommodate six sleepers.


We have discussed all basic points to consider while buying a six-person tent. By reading all this, we can conclude clearly that all tents come with different benefits and drawbacks. We can choose them according to our requirements. The best tent is only that tent which can fulfill our specific requirements. However, the same tent can be different for different people.