Best 4 Season Tent of 2018 & Buying Guide

Every camper and hiker require a tent to stay safe in strong and deadly winds, snow, and rain during camping in mountains and forests. Tent not only increases the experiences of enjoyable camping but also gives you privacy. There are different materials used in tents which keep the insects and bugs out of the tent. A lot of tents are easy to carry and set up because of the different clips and poles designed in a better way. While you are planning to buy a tent for yourself, friends, or family, we have prepared a guide for you to buy the best 4 season tent.

Buying Guide

There are a number of things that you have to look while purchasing the tent. Depending on the types of tent, you can see a wide range of different tents with different size. The first and foremost thing to look for buying the right products is analyzing the features of different products. The size of the tent, its poles, rain fly, zippers, clips, and mesh are the most important features. Price also matters a lot as the high price denotes the high quality of material used in making the product.

What Size of Tent is Suitable for Camping?

The size of the tent matter a lot especially when you are planning to backpack camp. It is necessary to see whether the tent fits in your bag or not? If you are the only one planning for the trip or with a partner, then tent for 2 people is much better. There are multi-room tents designed for large groups.

The 2-room tent is suitable for a couple with kids for ensuring the privacy with a curtain as the separator. The 3-room tent comes with added screen room for changing and setting small dining table.

Coleman Red Canyon Tent

Coleman Red Canyon Tent

What Purpose does Rainfly and Tub Floor Serve?

What are the benefits of folded seams and double stitching?

The tent with single stitching and unfolded seams will leak. You have to make sure that the tent you are buying has enough guy lines and seam sealer on all the tent seams.

Double stitching would keep the tent safe inside as it would work as a blockage for water outside to come in the tent. The loops near the middle of rain flies of tent keep the wall tight and do not let the tent flap in the wind. It would allow you to sleep without any disturbance created by weather.

Wenzel Current Hiker Two-Person Tent

Wenzel Current Hiker Two-Person Tent

What should I look for a tent with noseeum meshing and stake loops of good size?

The big size of loops in a tent supports the structure of the tent. Check whether there is the loop at every corner and center of each side at the base of the tent.

The largely sized loops easily accommodate the plastic stakes. Bugs and insects are also a problem while resting in forests.

A tent with noseeum meshing would keep the insects out for your comfort.

Wenzel Ridgeline TentWenzel Pine Ridge Tent

Wenzel Ridgeline Tent

Why is a Tent with Roof Vent and Heavy-duty Zippers Important?

Wenzel Sun Valley Screen HouseKelty Salida 2 Tent

Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House

Air circulation is an integral part of living in a tent. If the tent does not keep a good flow of the air inside of the tent, then you would be facing problem in breathing.

Therefore, it is important to buy a tent with adequate air circulation. It should have the property of eliminating condensation inside the tent. On the other hand, heavy zippers also provide protection as it prevents the huge flow of air coming inside the tent.

Most of the tent comes with the zippers that only last for a specific short period, and they break or stop working. See the warranty of zippers and choose the one tent with a zipper that would hold up with frequent uses.

Best 4 Season Tent Reviews

Here is the list of top reviews of different products for you so you can see which best suit you.

1. Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review 

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent comes with dividers for creating 3 separate rooms. Another good feature is Weather tech system that keeps the campers dry from wet weather giving you a comfortable sleep.

Moreover, while resting in the tent, the campers can stay dry for 2 days without any problem of getting wet in the rainy season.


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    The weight is only 22.4 pounds which make it easy for the camper to carry.
  • check
    It can accommodate 8 campers.
  • check
    The center height of 72-inch of the tent makes it spacious for placing luggage.


  • There is less movement with more accommodation of campers.
  • It has only two windows where one of the windows cannot be zipped up.
  • The stake tabs and main poles are weak and could be ripped off easily.

2. Wenzel Current Hiker Two-Person Tent Review 

As the name suggests, Wenzel Current Hiker is a tent for bikers with accommodation of two people in it. This product has 1000mm polyester taffeta tent floor, protective covering through seams and shingle for water resistance and UV-resistant features that make it a perfect tent for different types of weather.


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    It comes with lightweight fiberglass casing with 36 inches height.
  • check
    It has D style door makes the entrance easy and keeps a good flow of air.
  • check
    The welded and seal sonic floor is 48-37 inches wide and 82 inches long footprint.


  • It does not come with dual skin which means that excessive pressure can damage the fabric in the long run.
  • It is not suitable for extreme weather as stakes can come out in a strong air flow.
  • Sitting in the tent is not possible as it is very short.

Although the tent is made for people with short height, the compact tent has sealed seams, and it includes stakes and luggage slot duffel which proves beneficial while resting during camping. The weight of 3 pounds makes it convenient for the hiker to fit the tent in the luggage.

3. Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House Review 

The screened covered entrance with 140 square feet area and a height of 7 foot tall and 20inch ceiling gives campers a perfect place to stay for a night or rest while camping.

This product has a height of 86 inches is perfect for standing within the elements of the tent. The tent comes in gray color, and it has the property of protection from insects which gives you comfort during the night when all the insects attack the camp.


  • check
    It is easy to set up welded polyethylene perimeter floor and T shape entrance.
  • check
    The assembly of a 20 pounds and 1-ounce tent is completely hassle-free, and it has a perfect casing with pole intersections.
  • check
    It gives enough space to put the table inside the tent.


  • The inadequate fiberglass poles do not provide support to the tent.
  • The flow of air within the tent is not good at all and inserting the poles is a quite tough task for one person.

4. Suisse Sports Yosemite Tent Review 

All the campers with a large group of 5 people can now enjoy camping in a bathtub style of waterproof welded 1000 D floor made of Polyethylene. It has the feature of proper ventilation with its large sized dual D style doors and 1 window. The 360-degree air stream happens with the windows on 3 walls of storm flap.


  • check
    It has a removable divider curtain for creating 2 private rooms.
  • check
    A comfortable floor space of 8 x 10 and height of 6 centers for campers.
  • check
    It works well for weather protection with its taped seams and 600mm coating of Polyester rainfly.


  • It does not fit back in camper’s storage bag.
  • There is no use of clip for setting up the camp.

The tent is very easy to set up because of the fiberglass poles, peak poles sleeves, clips, pins, and attachment of ring corner. It also has E-port for access to electric cord and gear loft. The carry bag that comes with duffle style and interior storage pockets allow the camper to place thing in it.

5. Wenzel Ridgeline Tent Review 

The tent has a good system of ventilation where it also reduces condensation. Another good feature is flying on the front, and rear windows create a good system of ventilation in the rainy season.

7 x7 domes are the perfect place for 3 people where the campers can rest with the sealed seams and dry welded polyethylene floor.


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    It has non-stretchable Polyester fly
  • check
    The tent sets up strongly with the shock-corded fiberglass frame.
  • check
    It is easy to run electric cords with its built-in E-port.
  • check
    There are gear loft and inner storage pocket.


  • Repacking the tent is very difficult.
  • Tent stakes do not last for a longer period.
  • Zipper and corners of the tent leak in the rainy season.

The tent is easy to setup because of the clips and sleeves. It also has a fast connection of sacks, stakes, and post and grommet poles. The tent is equipped with fire retardant feature. The Wenzel Ridgeline is stronger tent because of its multi-diameter poles. It also protects the campers from UV rays, and the features do not stretch in wet weather.

Wrap Up

After reading all the guidelines, you now have enough awareness about the basic things that you should look while buying best 4 season tent. You can go to the market with the list of the requirements in your mind about the tent for choosing the right product. There would be fewer chances of choosing the wrong product and wasting your money. All the analysis of different tents would also help you to recognize your own need in a better way.