Best 4 Person Tents Reviews Of 2017 & Unlimited Buying Guides

Almost all of us love to go out with friends or family to enjoy vacations or holidays. This outing could be more entertaining and refreshing when it is a camping trip. If you are planning for this sort of trip, then you should prepare well to enjoy the trip. In preparation where other necessary items are discussed and prepared the most crucial and critical thing becomes the residing place. On the camping trip, of course, some tent or a canopy will provide you shelter and warmth. Before going to buy this important gadget for your trip, it is recommended to do some homework regarding its details. Therefore, to help you out in this regard, here we will provide brief details of things that should be considered before buying a tent, and a list of five recommended four person tents. The list of best 4 person tents includes:






Best Overall

Sundome 4 Person Tent


2nd Choice

Coleman Pop-Up Tent


3rd Choice

Coleman Hooligan Tent


4th Choice

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent


5th Choice

Mountainsmith Genesee 4 Tent


Buying Guide

Before going to buy any product, many questions arise in the mind of the buyer. These questions can be related to the required functionality of the product, or it can be about the required features. Here, few of these questions have been answered for your convenience.

What different options can we get for a family or friends with four person tent?

To buy a tent for the family of four, or a friends group of four people, tent options with different compartments or bedrooms can be availed. Few tents offer removable curtains between compartments that help to maintain privacy between people. Usually, it is preferable to give kids a separate room so that they will not get disturbed by noise as they tend to sleep earlier. 2-rooms and 3-rooms tents are usually easily available for families. In a 2-room tent, the rooms are separated from the zipped flap. In a 3-room tent, there are two sleeping rooms and one screen room that can act as a porch. Few tents are also available in the market with the one large sleeping room and one screen room.

How to decide the size of the tent for the best 4 person tents?

Before buying a tent for four people, the most important thing to consider is its size or more specifically, the number of people that can sleep in the tent comfortably. Usually, the numbers of people that can sleep comfortably inside the tent are half of the number of people advertised. Therefore, the rule usually goes like a four-person tent is good for two adults or two adults, and two kids and a six-person tent is good for four adults. As besides sleeping, you would have some luggage too that is too supposed to be kept inside the tent. Therefore, the size and weight of tent should be properly considered before buying a tent.

Overview of features that can increase the life of your tent?

Features that can make your tent durable while increasing its lifetime include:

  • Aluminum poles: usually tent poles are manufactured from a fiberglass material that is fragile as compared to aluminum. You should go for aluminum poles.
  • Proper rainfly: a rainfly is a kind of cover for your tent. It not only protects you from rain but also protects your tent as well. Therefore, you should consider buying a tent with fully covered, waterproof rainfly.
  • Folded seams and double stitching: usually water may enter through seam stitching. Therefore, you should go for the containing seals on seam stitching.
  • One piece floor (tub floor): a tent with the floor manufactured from waterproof material along with small bent walls that cover the side wall of the tents for almost 2 to 3 inches is an essential feature to keep tent protected from water.
  • Other features: Other features that enhance the life of a tent includes adequate sized stake loops, proper guy lines, roof vents and good quality zippers.
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How far do you have to carry your tent?

It is one of the most important factors that usually people overlooked while buying a tent. The choice of a tent depends greatly on a distance in which you will carry the tent on your back. Usually large-sized or family tents are good for car campings where you take your car almost everywhere and carry a tent for few feet only. Such tents are equipped with more home-like facilities. On the other hand, there are cases when you carry your tent for miles. In such cases, taking a lightweight tent is preferable that be available in the form of backpackers and other few style. These tents though provide small size and fewer facilities, but they are too light and easy to be carried on your back.

What other accessories do you need in your tent?

Besides being large-sized, waterproof and lightweight, there are few other accessories that are required inside the tent if the trip is a family or group trip. These accessories include additional storage space, lighting solutions, tent repair kit, seam sealer, additional footprint, hanging lamps, and gear loft.

What should be the livability of the tent?

There is a collective feature of a tent that is linked with the interior of the tent, and it includes interior volume, floor dimensions, peak height, wall shape, room layout, doors, windows and ventilation of the tent. Few of these features like room layout, and interior volume and dimensions depend on personal choice and number of people. Other features should go like:

  • Peak height should be high enough to let you move freely
  • Wall shape better to be vertical (at least from bottom) to make you feel spacious
  • Doors should be more than one for a family or a group of campers.
  • Walls and windows should provide adequate ventilation.

What checklist should be considered while buying a tent?

To summarize the whole story and to ease the procedure of buying a tent follows the following checklist:

  • Budget
  • Size
  • Type
  • Livability
  • Seasonability
  • Additional features


Product Review

Here, we will give brief detailings of recommended best four person tents list to help you in understanding their functionality and choosing a perfect tent for you.

1. Sundome 4 Person Tent

Sundome 4 Person Tents is made up of polyester material and can let four people sleep inside. Its peak height is 59 inches and poles are 8.5 mm in with. Its floor is made up of 1000D polyethylene to make it waterproof along with welded seams to increase its strength. The dimensions of the tent are 94.4 x 82.6 x 49.2 inches, and weight is approximately 11 pounds. This dome-style tent contains spacious interior with meshed large windows and ground vent to keep tent ventilated. Continuous pole sleeves along with instant-clip pole attachments are provided in this tent that makes it able to withstand heavy winds. Its additional items include rainfly, electrical access port, flashlight loop, storage pockets, and 9 ft x 7 ft footprint and carry bag.

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  • Sundome 4 Person tent can provide you a spacious and comfortable place to stay because of its enough wide interior and proper ventilation.
  • It helps you stay organized even with four people because of additional storage pockets.


  • The poles are made up of fiberglass material. Therefore, it can make the tent less sturdy against harsh weather.
  • Its continuous sleeves poles setting can make it tricky for you to set up this tent.

Besides having few drawbacks, this tent can provide a good and comfortable camping experience to you and your companions mainly because of its proper ventilation system and wide space.

2. Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman Hooligan Tent is a dome-style non-freestanding tent. It contains weatherTec system patented floors along with inverted seams that can make it waterproof and reliable. The tent comes with a rainfly that is coated with PU to make it waterproof. It is easy to set up a tent with continuous pole sleeves and pin and ring structure. The footprint is 9 ft x 7 ft in its dimensions, and the peak height of the tent is 4 ft. 10 inches that give enough room to move freely. It additionally contains covered vestibules to keep tent interior dry and protected.


  • It might be very convenient for you to set up this tent, because of its non-freestanding yet one pole style.
  • The presence of large size meshed walls can keep you the tent ventilated.


  • As it contains a single door, it can make it havoc for four people to enter and get out of the tent.
  • Fiberglass material can decrease its ability to withstand heavy winds.

Besides having few drawbacks, this tent can be a good option to get better weather protection and durability.

3. Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Coleman Pop-up Tent is a dome-style freestanding tent. It comes with completely covered rainfly that is coated with a waterproof material to provide protection against rain. The flow is made waterproof with inverted seams to prevent rainwater from getting inside the tent. This tent comes with carrying bag, and it is quite lightweight and compact in size. It contains single door and meshed walls for proper ventilation.


  • It might be convenient for you to carry this tent because of its being lightweight and small packed size
  • The compact size and durability make it a good option while going for the small trip.


  • It might be tricky for you to pack this tent back because of its pop-up style.
  • A single door might make it difficult for more than one person to access the tent.

Every tent has its pros and cons. Some tents are large while others are made to last long. Although the Coleman Pop-up Tent have drawbacks, yet this tent can be a good option for those who want a lightweight and small-sized tent.

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4. Mountainsmith Genesee 4 Tent

Mountainsmith Genesee 4 Tent is a freestanding some-style tent that can accommodate 4 people easily. It comes with a fully covered rain fly that is manufactured from 185t poly to provide protection against rain. It is a three-seasonal tent with bathtub floor construction and factory sealed seams to make it waterproof. The main frame is made up of aluminum material to provide additional durability. It possesses two vestibules (zipped), and two doors to make it stay dry and protected while providing easy accessibility to the tent. Furthermore, the tent contains meshed walls and windows along with meshed fly for enhanced ventilation. It is clips and post and grommet set up makes it highly convenient to set up. The additional features include color-coded poles, gear loft, reflective guy lines, fly vents,


  • It might be highly durable tent option because of its frame manufactured from aluminum material.
  • Two vestibules make it helpful in getting dry and clean from inside.
  • It might be convenient to access this tent because of its two doors.


  • It might be heavy for you to carry this tent, because of its extended features including two vestibules and multiple doors.

It is a tent with the plenty of additional benefits. Therefore, if your priority is to have additional comfort during camping trip while compromising weight of the tent, then this tent should be your pick

5. Mountain Trails South Bend Tent

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent is a dome-style tent that can accommodate four people. Its fabric is made up of polyester material while the frame is made up of fiberglass material. It contains pin-and –ring system to assist in easy setup. Additionally, it contains meshed roof and windows to supply proper ventilations. It has one D-style door for easy access and storage pockets along with gear loft storage. It contains Stow ‘n’ Go duffel system for easy setup. Its dimensions are 9W x 4.3H x 7D feet.


  • It might be possible for you to move freely inside the tent because of its enough space and peak height.
  • As it contains pin-and-ring setup structure, it might be convenient for you to set up this tent.


  • It might be less sturdy during harsh weather, because of its fiberglass material.
  • Its single door might make it difficult for four people to access the tent.

Like all other products, this tent also contains few drawbacks. However, Mountain Trails South Bend Tent can be a good choice if your priority is to buy easy-to-use, spacious, and properly ventilated camping tent.


In this article, we have provided a brief guideline and the list of best 4 person tents. It might have helped you in getting a clear picture regarding that needs to be considered while buying a four-person tent. It can be seen clearly through product review that each product offers few benefits and have few drawbacks too. Therefore, you should consider your requirements before buying a tent for your camping trip.