Best 3 Person Tent of 2018 & Buying Guide

Going out with family or friends on a camping expedition is a great adventure. It gives immense pleasure and fun to stay together in close contact with nature.

Camping does not just give you the opportunity to enjoy your vacations, but it also helps you get close to your loved ones. A tent becomes a mini home on this occasion. For those who share the tent for few days, the whole fun comes into the limited area.

They sleep, play and enjoy together in this limited space. If you have marked a group camping activity on your calendar, then don’t ignore the significance of buying the tent that meets your requirements. Today numerous manufacturers are working on creating better and improved tents for more than one people.

As the production has increased, so has the difficulty to choose from the available options. However, we have compiled a list of best 3 person tent for you.

Buying Guide

How to buy the most appropriate three person tent?

The task of buying a tent is not as easy as ABC. You have to consider requirements for different camping seasons. The tent should be resilient against the harshest weathers.

It must possess the strength and durability to get along in several camping sessions. It must be lightweight enough so that it can be carried along on all kinds of tours. The user should not be bothered by the excessive weight of the camp on his back.

If you have decided to buy a spacious tent or are looking forward to replacing your old one, then don’t just go for the brand name or the high price, look before you get your required specifications. The big brand names and extra high price do not prove that a tent is worth buying.

What should I consider while looking for the appropriate capacity?

There is no standard rule for making dimensions. Some create single person tents wide enough, but there are others who manufacture group camps which are so narrow that it gives a suffocating experience when staying together.

Usually, the camping experts suggest that grab a tent by upsizing its size to one more person. If you want to share your tent with your group, then do think who is there to share with you. 

Sundome 3 Person Tent

Sundome 3 Person Tent

Is it important to get an all-season tent for my camping vacation?

Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person

Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person

When on a camping trip, the tent has to be a compact home away from home. Once in the wilderness of the jungle or the seaside or the high hills, it becomes necessary to get properly protected.

The tent is not just giving you space to eat, enjoy and sleep but it is the shelter to keep away all dangers including the unpredictable weather. You planned for a dry camping trip, and the rain ruined your expected plans. 

In these unpredictable circumstances if your tent is willing to face the challenge nothing will be difficult to withstand. Before buying the tent always remember that you have the choice to purchase a three season or a four season tent.

These tents are of materials that can quickly fight back all kinds of weathers from scorching to humid and then the coldest.

How high should be the best 3 person tent?

If you are looking for a tent not merely for sleeping but also for standing, stretching, etc. then don’t ignore peak height.

Usually, the tents are of two types according to the height. The cabin style tents that comes with the vertical walls, and the dome style tent that is high from the center but sloppy at the sides.

Ohuhu Instant Dome Tent 3 Person

Ohuhu Instant Dome Tent 3 Person

What kind of poles must be with the tent?

The pole gives the strength and sturdiness to the tent. It helps in making the tent stand firmly in all kinds of terrain.

Before buying the tent do not forget to check if the pole is sturdy and rust-free. The poles come with a sleeve to install the tent. These sleeves allow easy set-up of the tent.

SEMOO Water Resistant Tent for three people

SEMOO Water Resistant Tent for three people

What role does ventilation play in the tent?

Ventilation is crucial when it comes to camping. The tents with no mesh or windows make you feel congested and claustrophobic, and you will not be able to enjoy your camp stay.

Get a tent that is wide, that has a mesh attaché to the roof and has an easy to open zipped window or door especially when you are planning a summer season camping trip.

These might be minor things, but once you set off for a camping journey, these minors things become major problems if not dealt with care. Thus don’t ignore them if you want to have a memorable camping trip.

Best 3 Person Tent Reviews

Before buying the tent, it is great to check the available sources and make a comparative analysis of all the choices. Compare the tents in all aspects and then make the final decision. To help you in this search we have the following names on our board.

1.Ohuhu Instant Dome Tent  3 Person Review 

Ohuhu has created this great three person tent which is a camper’s warm shelter when you are out for some camping trip. It is easy to set up the tent, and it will not consume much time in installation. In merely three seconds the tent is ready for installation.

The campers can install the tent with the assistance of quick and easy pop and four guy ropes. It gives sufficient weather protection with its UV protected design and waterproof fabric. If you are planning a summer camping season, then there is no need to worry because of excellent ventilation. It is wide enough even to accommodate four people. You can comfortably enjoy the beach shelter with its high-quality detachable rain fly.

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  • check
    It is multifunctional and goes ideally with all kinds of away from home parties, beach, and hiking.
  • check
    The tent has an excellent weather resistant option that protects against rain, heat and even the cold.
  • check
    It has an excellent ventilation system.
  • check
    The product beach shelter comes with its high-quality detachable rain fly.


  • The inner lining requires additional covering for usage.

This product might be a must to have for people who want to assemble their tent quickly and easily; the tent has excellent ventilation installed hence it does not create a problem if you are camping in summer. The tent is an all-rounder and can work in various weather conditions.

2.Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person Review 

For those who look for a spacious yet lightweight tent, Wenzel Alpine tent is an excellent choice. It has a full space for three people and even sometimes can accommodate the fourth one too.

The tent comes with a removable fly, and you can fix it with the help of three poles. It has a Penta dome that increases the central height making it possible to stand within. The setup is made easy with the aid of high quality, premium fiberglass frame.

The interiors can be easily managed and cleaned with the help of attached integrated mud mat that comes attached with the drainage strip. The manufacturers have ensured complete ventilation with the help of 2 mesh windows and D-style front door. It comes with a user-friendly size and weight of 8.5 x 4 x 8 feet (W x H x D) and 8 pounds respectively.


  • check
    It is an affordable tent that can you can purchase for a price under your budget.
  • check
    The Wenzel Alpine tent is of premium quality materials that ensure a long life.
  • check
    The tent is very lightweight hence making it easier to carry.


  • Three people of more than average weight or height can feel congested inside.
  • The eight-pound weight is heavy enough to hold for a long time.

Like any other tent on the market, this tent has some deficiencies also, but the overall impact is awe inspiring. The user reviews reveal their complete satisfaction over the product, and they enjoy it thoroughly.  Hence, this tent might be a good choice for you given all its benefits.

3.SEMOO Water Resistant Tent for three people Review 

Camping becomes a fun memory if you have all the perfect accessories with you. The most significant of all is the tent that you are using. The tent shelters protect and help you enjoy. To meet all your requirements, Seemo has created one of the top rated tents.

It comes with a mesh roof and large windows to ensure that the person inside does not feel suffocated but instead feels safe and ventilated. It is an excellent lightweight dome tent that can accommodate up to three people comfortably.

The setup process is easy to follow. Similarly, it is easy to wrap it up once the camping expedition is over. With a sophisticated half-moon door, it is easy to enter and exit the tent.

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  • check
    As compared to other three person tents it is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • check
    There is no hassle in fixing and then removing the tent.
  • check
    The vestibule is spacious enough to give ample space to three people.
  • check
    The product guarantees privacy.


  • For many users, the weight is not comfortable enough for extended traveling.
  • It does not have enough ventilation for summer camping trip.

SEEMO is an excellent water-resistant option for campers. The benefits and qualities are much above the expectations and make camping a lifetime fun. The weather-friendly features make it a real three season tent for camping. As you can carry this tent for most of the year, therefore you need not buy a separate tent for each season.

4. Sundome 3 Person Tent Review 

Coleman from the United States is a name of quality and perfection in the world of tent making. The tents from the home of Coleman come with weather endurance, perfection, and user-friendly features.

Like the other tents from Coleman, this polyester created Sundome three person tent is excellent for three individuals who can comfortably sleep inside the ten. It is spacious and has full enough camping gear with a 52-inch height. It is fitted with an easy to manage door for easy access into the tent.

The 8.5 mm fiber poles give a sturdy placement of the tent. The flooring is made up of 1000D Polyethylene. It is also attached to an Electric access port.


  • check
    With the sturdy construction, it is possible to enjoy a great camping experience.
  • check
    The manufacturers have created an easy to pitch a tent.
  • check
    Despite a large size, it does not weight more hence making it light weight to carry.
  • check
    The tent is an all-weather treat due to its well-ventilated interiors and the wind resistant material.
  • check
    It is a rain repellant due to the rain fly attached to it.


  • The tent is not suitable for three adults.
  • To make it further waterproof the seams have to be sealed correctly.

If you have a desire to enjoy the best camping gear, then try getting the Sundome tent for a memorable camping experience. The rating of the product is quite satisfactory. The seams need sealing, but still, the weather protection features are great enough to be quoted. Hence, making this tent a desirable option for you to buy.


For beginners, it might be a hassle-filled job to pick the tent that best fits your requirements, but for those who are regular campers, it will not takes much time to select the best tent. The basic requirement of getting the appropriate camp is the space.

In order to stand as a best 3 person tent, the interiors must be broad and large enough to allow the comfort in the sitting, standing or sleeping posture. The material should be such that it protects against all kinds of weather conditions.

A storage space to keep the essentials can also multiply the utility of the tent. If you want to enjoy the camping experience, then you can choose from the above-listed tents.